You need Gen Z more than you know. We can help with that.


 Want to reach and understand young people?

We are a Gen Z marketing agency working with clients to more authentically and powerfully engage young audiences — and the most important part: we are Generation Z.


Who is Gen Z?


Our Story.

JUV exists to help you understand Gen-Z, because we are Gen-Z. Companies want and need to engage Generation Z, and to stay relevant, must do so authentically. We exist so that those companies donʼt just talk about us, they talk to us. We were founded by three 16-year-olds in 2016 who found themselves in rooms with politicians, leaders, and “youth experts” who were constantly talking about how to engage Generation Z without actually talking to us. Now, weʼre a team of 75+ consultants (between the ages of 14-23), headquartered in Times Square, NYC.


See us in action.


You saw why we do it, now see how we do it.

We have three pillars of work: research, strategy, and implementation. Clients come to us with a problem or question, and we offer services to guide them from ideation to execution. Our services are highly customizable, and if you want to better understand or reach young people, we have a solution for that.