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You need Gen Z
more than you know.
Rejuvenate your brand.

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Who is GEN Z?

We are born
after 1996.

Our average attention span
is 8 seconds.

We are 32%
of the global population.

We control $143 billion in spending power.

We describe our generation as innovative above all else.

Want to Reach Gen Z?

We are a Gen Z digital marketing agency working with clients to authentically engage young audiences. What better way to reach young people than to work directly with us?

Our Story

JUV is the brainchild of three 16-year-olds who found themselves in rooms with politicians, leaders, and “youth experts” who were constantly talking about how to capture the attention of Gen Z. There was just one problem: nobody was talking to young people — just at them.

Established in 2016, JUV is the voice of a misunderstood generation. We are a diverse team of about 100 strategic consultants and creative freelancers, all between the ages of 14-23.

As students, creators, mobilizers and more, we strive to make a real impact in the marketing world with our purpose-driven work. (The best part? We literally love doing it!)

JUV staff pose for a picture

Our Services

From initial sparks to the main event, our team is here to help your big ideas take flight—and ensure that your intended audience is all aboard.

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We’re extra.
Read all about it.

If you don’t know what we mean by “extra,” you need us.

At JUV, we are more than just a team—we are a family. And every family has its quirks.

Our Team

Ziad Ahmed


Shaina Zafar

Chief Marketing Officer

Maia Ervin

Chief People Officer

Ed Victori

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Kolodny

Chief Financial Officer

Liz Fassl

Managing Director of Accounts

Anson Gilbert

Managing Director of Growth

Taj Ahad

Managing Partner

Gretta Kissell

Managing Partner

Nate Jones

Senior Director of The Shoutout

Sandra Salvatierra

Senior Director of Brand

Gabe García

Director of People & Inclusion

Kailey Edwards

Growth Director

Advisory Council

Alyson Stoner

Founder, Movement Genius

Anas Ghazi

Chief Strategy Officer of the Stagwell Group

Beth A Greve

Global Head of Partnerships, Iron Mountain

Chad Hickey

CEO/Founder, Givsly

Dina Brewer

Managing Partner, Princeton Law Partners, LLC.

Fabio Tambosi

Global, Head of Brand Comms, Planning & Market Activation, Sport Performance & Women at Adidas

Gian-Carlo Peressutti

Director of Public Affairs at IFM Investors

Ivette Sanz Osso

President of West Hill Creative, LLC

Jamie Garrett

Principal, JoyCap Advisory, LLC

Jeron Smith

Co-Founder & CEO of Unanimous Media

Julie Fleischer

CGO, Encantos

Kerstin Emhoff

President at PRETTYBIRD

Mita Mallick

Head of Inclusion, Carta

Mitch Kanner

CEO at 2 Degrees Ventures, LLC

Naira Musallam

CEO/Founder, SightX

Nedra Dickson

Managing Director, Accenture

Raja Kaul

EVP and Head of International at Sundial Brands

Tenagne Girma-Jeffries

CoFounder/VP of Marketing, We Are Cultivation Group

Thomas Gensemer

Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur (former CEO and Co-Founder, Blue State Digital)

Full Team

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