THIS WEEK IN HOT GEN Z TRENDS: why a florida car wash is better at socials than you … 📲 

(ICYMY, these tier graphics are a viral way to rank what’s hot and what’s not in your world. S represents the superior, or 秀, class while the rest follows a letter-grade system. Of course, we had to use it to show you which brands are *chef’s kiss.*) 


This European-based cheap flight service has captivated Gen Z’s hearts. How did they do it? Witty responses to customers and not taking themselves too seriously. The airline’s timeline is full of jokes about their cheap flight service, pokes at British public figures, and roasts of users. This account’s admin has mastered the ironic reply. 

The Weiners Circle 

This iconic Chicago hot dog stop captured people’s hearts in the city; now, they’re coming for the online population. The restaurant posts customers of the day, Chicago memes, and iconic signography. Who knew hot dogs were so funny? 

“Yo Gabba Gabba” 

All Gen Zers know, and love, “Yo Gabba Gabba,” an animated show airing in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Now, they’ve made their way onto social media. “Yo Gabba Gabba” has shown us that Muno can shred, Brobee can hit the griddy, and Tony Hawk may be the best collab ever. With a mix of nostalgia and humor, they’ve done it all. 

Scrub Daddy 

With a name like Scrub Daddy, there was no doubt the socials were going to pop off. They’ve found hype through roasting regular sponges, using New Jersey-coded profanity-full voiceovers, and selecting a few ultra-viral trends to follow. Whatever (Scrub) Daddy wants, Daddy gets. 

Clancy’s Auto Body 

Cool kids are part of #ClancysCult. This hilarious car repair shop has taken on Geico, made countless edits of Maxwell the cat, and hyped up “BossMan.” Even a Florida auto body can serve on social media! 


“Arthur” has mastered the sound bite. This children’s television show takes relatable moments, like “When you’re the cool aunt” and “When your friend delivers the perfect roast,” and syncs them up with moments in the show for a SFW meme experience. The “Arthur” account proves that being true to the brand is as important as taking risks. 

Paralympic Games 

The Paralympic Games account has taken sports edits to the next level. They’ve racked up millions of views for their videos of iconic sporting moments at the Paralympic Games. The account also takes a light approach to athletes’ disabilities, showcasing swimming as a “Bop It!” game and javelin with a “yah yeet” audio. Their humor makes countless users wonder if it’s even the official account. 

Tango Ice Blast 

Who are Ned Sneeran, Gordon Hamsey, and Simon Cowbell? You just have to be in on ~Tango Ice Blast lore~ to know. This UK-cinemas-exclusive slushie has somehow managed to take over social media with its bizarre celebrity parodies. Whether it’s the ridiculous comparisons or the even-more-ridiculous stuff they do in each video, Tango Ice Blast’s socials are worth the watch. 

Coolmath Games 

Coolmath Games had some of the most iconic games of Gen Z’s childhood — the Papa’s franchises, Run, and Fireboy and Watergirl, for some. Now, they’re making their comeback on the social media of the present. Their socials have “Monday Mathposting,” timeless memes rather than quick trends, and sparingly used topical memes. By using evergreen templates, Coolmath Games posts are always funny. 


This nut brand is serving online. Planters keeps two separate social media accounts: one for the iconic Mr. Peanut mascot and one for the NUTmobile. They choose to keep the Instagrams tame while the brand’s Twitter (Mr. Peanut) and TikTok (NUTmobile) go wild.  Mr. Peanut’s account is full of obscure shower thoughts, while the NUTmobile follows many of the top trends of the moment. 

Harmonie Ramsden