With a month until Halloween, The Screenshot is using this edition to discuss 10 fits on everyone’s minds for this spooky season. 

All things Barbie 

“Oppenbarbie” dominated our feeds this summer. Releasing these two iconic movies on the same day created a prime pop culture moment. With the number of cute fits “Barbie” created (I mean, it’s ~Barbie~ …), there will be no shortage of Halloween costumes for this October. Masc lesbians are taking over Ken, while others have dove into the “Barbie” archives for outfit ideas. 

Sex and the City 

With “And Just Like That…” getting renewed for a third season in August, it’s clear Carrie Bradshaw’s world is evergreen. The #satc (the OG show’s abbreviation) tag has 1.7B views on TikTok. The star’s tutu was a viral fit choice last year, and will likely return for 2023. Whatever the season, “Sex and the City” serves. 

“The Little Mermaid” 

“The Little Mermaid’s” Ariel is a classic Halloween costume. With the new movie seeing international success, this new iteration of the mermaid is spicing it up. Rather than being a villain, Vanessa (Ursula’s human form) is now part of duos costumes with Ariel. Clothing brands are even dropping their own Ariel looks. She’s making a splash! 

“Across the Spiderverse” 

Spidermen are across the multiverse; of course, our universe’s Halloween will have loads of them. The 2023 “Across the Spiderverse” popularized dozens of additional Spidermen for people to dress as. Miles and Gwen are *the* couples’ costume. As with much comic-derived media, the cosplayer DIYs are showing up in full force — from a cardboard claw to crocheted hats

Tour season 

2023 is the year of Beyoncé. The multi-hyphenate star traveled the US this year on her Renaissance Tour, featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar. With silver fits populating our social media feeds, there’s no doubt that this aesthetic will carry onto October. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour also ran throughout 2023, likely to inspire some outfits for Halloween. 


It’s the season for a “ludicrously capacious” fit. “Succession” is everyone’s favorite gory, nail-biting, laughably ridiculous dark comedy. The popular show is likely to inspire some costume choices, especially those last-minute scavenges through one’s closet. Note: caustic humor not included. 


M3GAN is serving robot realness. The creepy AI doll’s movie released in January of this year and is still making headlines, with even Lady Gaga partaking in her iconic dance this month. M3GAN’s outfit is an easy DIY, making it perfect for Halloween. 


Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” is still running through my head 24/7. “Wednesday,” a Netflix show centered around Wednesday Adams, ran social media for months. Released just after Halloween last year, it’s finally time for it to spice up spooky season. The simple black collared or fancier tulle dress are perfect for an easy Halloween fit. 


“Bottoms” is the raunchy, bloody, queer comedy we’ve all been waiting for. This “Fight Club”-esque movie centers around two LGBTQ+ high school students who want to get with cheerleaders — and create a “feminist” boxing ring to do so. This movie gives off big Gen Z energy; the iconic cheer and football uniforms, as well as the main characters’ collared tees, are sure to show up at your Halloween festivities. 

“The Bear” 

What’s cooking this Halloween? “The Bear” costumes, of course. The comedy-drama set in a Chicago restaurant makes for an easy costume, with the main characters typically wearing a white t-shirt and blue apron. 

Harmonie Ramsden