4 Gen Zers That Made 2021 Their Year

2021 has been a dynamic year for everyone. From the first full winter of a pandemic to the “hot vax summer,” this has been a year of new beginnings, and Gen Z has taken initiative to claim this year for our own. To showcase the power of young people, here at JUV we wanted to brag about highlighting some teammates we are especially proud of this year and give them a chance to share what they are excited about going into 2022.

Angela Busheska 

Angela Busheska is a 19-year-old Consultant here at JUV. She grew up in the southwest part of North Macedonia, but in 2021 she trekked across the Atlantic and started her first year studying Engineering & Computer Science at Lafayette College. This was not before she earned a Diana Award and the first-ever title of Macedonian Global Teen Leader.

In 2020, she began working on what would become EnRoute, a mobile app designed to make living sustainably easier. The app is a helpful tool to educate people about small decisions they can make each day to live more sustainably, proving that environmentally-friendly living doesn’t have to be expensive and inaccessible. What started as a one-screen app in the Macedonian language became an easy-to-navigate virtual planner for more than 4,000 individuals to reduce their carbon footprints in 2021. Through her work on EnRoute, she got the opportunity to interact with some high-profile people, including Shawn Mendes, Sundar Pichai, and Nile Rodgers, and has networked with others from more than 70 different countries.

Angela is always trying to be the best version of herself, one who her younger self would be proud of, and 2021 proved to be a good year for that. “If I can take one advice from a wickedly crazy, but undoubtedly fantastic year as 2021 is: Don’t ever self-reject yourself! Send that email! Apply for that school! Interview for that job! Miracles happen when we just take the leap forward!” she said.

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Shannon Aryca Chin

Shannon Aryca Chin is the 22-year-old Associate Social Media Design Director at JUV Consulting. For her, 2021 was a year of creativity, change, and growth: she began content creation for brands such as Aerie, Chamberlain Coffee, TOMS, L’Oréal, and VSCO; was one of the leaders for JUV’s own Coming of Rage creative team; and incorporated nail painting in her self-care routine. She also had many academic successes in 2021. Shannon graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Nutritional Sciences and Health and Disease, virtually, and had the opportunity to work in a research lab for the very first time.

“All in all,” she said, “this year made me realize what I so often took for granted and made me that much more thankful for everything that I do have.” Still, she said that working at JUV has been one of the highlights of her year, and she’s eager to meet her coworkers (and friends) IRL in 2022. 

If you didn’t think she was already fearless enough, she’s got news for you: “In 2022 I want to be more fearless…I want to stop undermining my achievements.” Her words of advice for fellow Gen Zers going into the new year? “Believing in yourself isn’t easy, but the only way to be less afraid is to do the things that scare you.”

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Nolan White

Nolan White is a 20-year-old Consultant here at JUV, and a student at Queen’s University. In January of 2021, he decided to start making fashion/outfit videos on TikTok and has grown his following to nearly 100K (let’s make it happen for him!). On his TikTok, he provides recommendations to Gen Zers and to people trying to shop for Gen Zers, providing an insider’s opinion on Gen Z style. His presence on the app led to him being interviewed for Vox. He has a bigger vision, though, and is excited to expand his social media presence in 2022.

Nolan’s entrepreneurial spirit was also in full force in 2021. He launched his own fashion label, Balfe Park, which was featured on GQ’s boyfriend gift guide. The brand has already sold out of its first two products, but stay tuned: Nolan is excited to launch more pieces in the new year. What has he learned from his whirlwind of a 2021? “[A] year is a short amount of time in terms of taking a risk, but can make a world of a difference if that risk pans out.” 

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Youssef Hasweh

Youssef Hasweh is a 19-year-old Junior Partner at JUV, and the brains behind the operation for our own TikTok, which is our most-followed social media channel. He’s a first-generation college student at the University of Chicago (where he was awarded College Influencer of the Year) but grew up in Brooklyn. He recognizes the value and importance of education, and in 2021, launched three different scholarships to help out disadvantaged students. 

He learned a lot from JUV in 2021, including how to manage a team and create high-quality content, working on campaigns such as Lyft, Coke with Coffee, and President Biden’s Inaugural Committee. He’s eager to take these skills and apply them to other parts of his life, not just as a college creator. “I have essentially become so college-creator focused that I never stopped and enjoyed college,” he said, but in 2022 he’s going to try to really enjoy his passions. Words of wisdom going into the new year: “I really suggest [you] take up as many different avenues of passions as you want. It is never too late to explore and just experience.”

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