8 Quotes About Gen Z’s Politics… And It’s Not All About Voting Blue.

Ahead of this year’s one-of-a-kind election, JUV partnered with Plus1Vote, CommunityX, and Freedom March NYC to host an event on Wednesday, October 28th that brought our audience into the orbit of how Gen Z is feeling about politics, and the views were just as diverse as our generation.

Gen Z makes up 1 in 10 voters in this election.

Pew Research

While polls show that many Gen Zers will be voting blue in this election and many believe in policies like the Green New Deal, our event showed that’s not the complete picture. We brought together passionate Gen Zers from across the political spectrum for an open and reflective chat about the biggest issues facing the US.

Our moderators were Kahlil Greene, Yale’s First Black Student Body President and Marisa Sinclair, Gen Z Correspondent. Our speakers included Danielle Butcher, a prominent conservative environmentalist recognized by Forbes 30 under 30; Chelsea Miller, an award winning activist and entrepreneur who co-founded Freedom March NYC; Mari Ortega, an abolitionist with 50,000+ Instagram & Twitter followers known for her strong leftist views and Kaitlyn Reynolds, the Director of Operations for Gen Z GOP which seeks to redefine the Republican platform.

So, who are they voting for?

1. “Today, young people are moved by issues to do with equality and justice, and that’s not necessarily one single issue, but it’s the way we approach several issues.” – Danielle Butcher, Conservative

2. “What good is a salary when there’s no planet on which to live?” – Kaitlyn Reynolds, Gen Z GOP

3. “The American political system was founded by cis-gender, white, well-to-do men, and these men did not see women, natives or black people as equals so to say that a system so hateful and founded on oppression just needs a few little tweaks to be functional and inclusive is a little less hopeful and little more delusional.” – Mari Ortega, Abolitionist

4. “For me what it comes down to [voting for the Biden Harris ticket] is choosing what people say “the lesser of two evils”, [but] slow progress is better than no progress.” – Chelsea Miller, Progressive

5. “There was a time that people like me, a Black woman, would not have the luxury to vote and it’s a gift that I don’t take for granted, so I encourage everyone to vote for change.” – Kaitlyn Reynolds, Gen Z GOP

6. “The system we currently have… keeping the country afloat for 200 years, we’re in a sinking raft. We are constantly bandaging and re-bandaging the same holes because we’ve been dealing with the same issues for hundreds of years.” – Mari Ortega, Abolitionist

7. “I don’t subscribe to the idea that you must vote for the lesser of two evils, that mindset has perpetuated the two-party system, a system that I do not support.” – Danielle Butcher, Conservative

8. “[Gen Z] is a force to be reckoned with. We are strategic, we are organized. Make sure you’re listening to the voice of young people because we are not just the future, we are the present and we need, and will, get a seat at the table where decisions are made.” – Chelsea Miller, Progressive

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