A Conversation with the voice behind The Screenshot

Jawwad, you have been an integral part of not only The Screenshot but of JUV Consulting in general, when did your relationship with JUV start and how?

My journey with JUV started in Spring 2020, it was peak pandemic and I had just finished university so I was on the look-out for something fun to do while I looked for a new gig. Around that time, I came across Ziad on social media and intrigued I stalked him a little – that’s when I found out about JUV. At the time, JUV was hiring new consultants, I applied and the rest is history!

What was your role and how did you help JUV grow? 

Joining as a consultant, I got to work with clients ranging from consumer goods to sports tech. It was wonderful getting to work with brands that had a mission and were on a journey to genuinely make themselves more in tune with their purpose.

Not long after, I was given the fantastic opportunity of leading on the Screenshot efforts, from a new pandemic project to a full fledged product of JUV. It’s only going to get bigger from here.

What will you miss most about the Screenshot?

Finding fun ways to write trends to slide Gen Z lingo into them whilst also keeping some level of legibility that wouldn’t completely make our audience go WTF?!

What was your favourite edition?

We had an edition where we gamified the Screenshot and did a vote on our readers’ favorite editions. It got noticed by Mike Nallan of Morning Brew fame. That was cool.

… favourite trend?

Any time I exposed our readers to a new meme, that was truly the moments that I was living the Screenshot dream (in my head anyway!).

… favourite article?

I enjoyed reading our Gen Z Yellowpaper on… the color yellow. It’s fascinating how a color can really define a generation, and have so much meaning embedded in it. 

The one I enjoyed writing the most is the one about the metaverse, it’s an emerging tech that I do believe will change the world (Ziad would disagree!). Getting to write this from a Gen Z perspective with a lens on equality and justice was definitely my favorite part.

Can you tell us where you’re off too?

I’m going to focus on my job working in advertising for the Guardian. The Screenshot has been my side hustle for the last 18 months, balancing my full time job with bringing our Screenshot community trends & the tea. As it grows, I want to let it become the star it’s destined to be, and its time to hand over the reins to someone that can give it their undivided attention. 

Any last remarks…

Working with the best Gen Z talent throughout the last two years has been awe-inspiring, exhilarating and just plainly fun. JUV really has captured the best Gen Z talent and with its mission, it will continue to do so because it truly offers a change from the status quo – unafraid and unfearing to say the things everyone else is too afraid to say.

I’m going to miss working with some phenomenal people, but also chatting to the people that make the Screenshot what it is – our readers. Thank you all & peace!

Jawwad Mustafa is the Director of The Screenshot Newsletter. He’s always got a drink in hand - either peppermint tea, peach iced tea or a vanilla latte. If you see him with anything else, you’ll really need to vote for him as The Imposter. You can find his creativity on Instagram at @JawwadTheCreator.