A Gift Guide for Gen Zers in Your Life

Gen Z can be incredibly hard to shop for. We know Gen Z ties their values to their purchases. No worries — JUV has got your back. This gift guide covers mental health gifts, eco-conscious gifts, techie gifts, and all the things the Gen Zer in your life would want.

For the Eco-Conscious

A Sustainable Pair Of Boots

From Christy Dawn to Alohas, some brands have nailed crafting beautiful, sturdy boots and minimizing their footprint on the environment.Christy Dawn has worked on creating timeless sustainable boots that were focused on longevity. Though expensive, the brand has created these boots so that consumers won’t have to even buy boots again.

For the Need to Show Identity

A Customizable Phone Case

Gen Zers have a sense of personalization and identity and LOVE to shout it loud. This personalizable phone case is one gift that will stick by your Gen Zer all year long! Fill up the phone case with cute pictures, or things that represent them and wrap it up for a great wholesome gift.

For the Social Activist

An Ethical Subscription Box Supporting a Cause

If your Gen Zer is constantly educating people on social media through activism-related posts and stories, this gift is for them. The Arise Box is a subscription box brand that creates cute, ethical gift boxes for all ages. 10% of the profits from these care packages go towards human trafficking survivors in the USA. This will give your Gen Zer obsessed with activism a new issue to promote and a lovely self-care box to remind them to take care of themselves while advocating for others.

For the Learners

A Snappy Feminist Book

Gen Z loves educating, but they also love learning. A great book can go a long way. For the feminist in your life, New York Times Bestseller, Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay is a great read. 

As Sheila Heti, author of “How Should a Person Be?” puts is, “Roxane Gay is so great at weaving the intimate and personal with what is most bewildering and upsetting at this moment in culture. She is always looking, always thinking, always passionate, always careful, always right there.”

(Psst.. we also read it in our JUV Book Club and had a lot of fans, so this is JUV-approved!)

For the Mental Health Advocates

An Anxiety-Relieving Weighted Blanket

Though you can never go wrong with a self-care kit for mental health advocates and/or those in your life struggling with mental health, Gen Zers love all sorts of things related to well-being. A thick, heavy weighted blanket can never go wrong. It’s actually proven that weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety and stress, and will help your Gen Zer get better sleep at night.

For the One Who Understands the Metaverse

A Climate-Friendly Gaming Headset

Gen Zers are known for being the digital natives, and as such, for the one obsessed with technology, we need to find a fitting gift. For instance, Logitech Wired Gaming Headset might be exactly what your Gen Z techie needs for their gaming system. Not to forget, this product is climate pledge friendly, making it the even more perfect gift. 

For the Financially Focused

A Stock in a Stocking

As Gen Zers go through college, they have become increasingly focused on spending less. Sometimes, a simple way to help out is by gifting cash or making that money grow. Gifting your Gen Zers a stock not only creates a learning opportunity but also helps that money become something more that they can use to repay debts or buy a house or a car. 

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Srilekha Cherukuvada is a 17-year-old Content Creator at JUV Consulting, and a planning-obsessed walrus-loving Netflix junkie. Based in Austin, Texas, she enjoys writing, reading, food, and is a huge coffee addict. Catch up with Srilekha on Instagram, @srileeka, or check out her portfolio at http://simplysrilekha.com.