Picture showing Maia Ervin

A letter from Maia Ervin, Chief People Officer

In 2021, JUV had an amazing year. We’ve brought on dope clients, created immense impact, and have grown our full-time team to 25 and contractor team to 200+.

Surviving a global pandemic is something that none of us could have ever imagined. We are super grateful to have been able to continue operations and help our clients create a bigger impact by providing resources to those that needed them the most during this time.

We could not have been able to do half of the purposeful work we’ve done, both for clients and internally, without our people in the JUV community pushing us to do better and have those difficult conversations.

We are still growing our talent and expertise, hiring full-time positions and looking forward to creating a bigger impact amongst more Gen Zers with our social impact department. We’ve only just begun.

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Maia Ervin