Picture of Shaina Zafar

A letter from Shaina Zafar, Chief Marketing Officer

2021 has been a year that has been marked by the words “unprecedented times” and somehow even with new waves of shock, optimistic (cautiously optimistic) hope has brought this year to an end, with a fresh start to 2022. 

I cannot begin reflecting on this past year without acknowledging how much it has impacted the soul of people—with our families, with our friends, even with business—to re-invent and re-imagine. We have learned to shapeshift and adapt constantly with this new year and that was true for JUV. In between building our team to 25+ new full-time folks, and having teams in Chicago, NY, and LA, as well as our remote ecosystem, we have put people at the center of our company ethos now and always.

We have published thought pieces in partnership with Vox and SightX, launched branded activations across the country, garnered over 20,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, made the softest, sustainable hoodies for Just Us Vibing with The Phoenix Brand, and started our gap year program through social impact program and gave guided grants to Gen Z led non-profits to end off the year! 

This year marked a lot of milestones for us, but we take those in deep gratitude and awareness of the world around us. In the next year, we are excited to continue to grow and learn, but do it in the comfort of being responsible and safe to ourselves, our peers, and our planet. Stay safe and happy holidays!

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