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Week of April 19th

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ASOS will take their clothes back now…

Fast fashion retailer ASOS has started a new program where they will recycle old clothes to remake them anew. It’s only in the UK now, but plans are to take this global.

Dogecoin, the meme crypto, is on the rise!

Dogecoin has erupted in value, despite the cryptocurrency being labeled ‘just a meme’. It was created as a joke version of Bitcoin and now we’re in for the ride.

⏫ Pentagon confirms UFO video?!

The Pentagon confirmed the veracity of a video showing a UFO – take a look!

SZA talks about her experience of Islamophobia.

SZA opened up about her experience of Islamophobia in an interview with @MuslimGirl – she talked about a “personal fear of standing in my truth and standing in my faith”.

⏬ This mom has divided TikTok over parenting style…

Everyone on TikTok had an opinion about this mom who took all her kids’ toys away in a trash bag after they refused to clean their room. Which side are you on?

YouTube demonetizes James Charles’s account!!

YouTube has finally taken action on the allegations that have been piling up against James Charles, this is significant as YouTube is a key source of revenue for the beauty influencer. He has been accused of soliciting nudes from underage fans

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