It’s all about Black Gen Z creativity

The Screenshot: Week of February 22nd

Hi there! As we’re nearing the end of Black History Month, we’re honoring Black Gen Z creativity. Here’s your TL;DR: The hottest TV collab right now; Gen Z on the end of Kimye; Jimmy-vision; Gen Z Aesthetic, and we’re celebrating this Black Gen Z creative!


Trend upwards Donald Glover collaborating with Obama?

Trend upwards  WandaVision to Jimmy-vision… What’s the hype about?

Trend upwards  This is what Nielsen is doing to bolster diversity on TV!

  Gen Z’s take on the divorce of the season…

  Twitch dubs Metallica with elevator music, and Alt TikTok has some words!

  The backlash from Sia’s directorial debut continued over the weekend.

A to Gen Z

Aesthetic / Gen Z lingo / 

1. A word that describes a collection of visual references that includes film, music, fashion and even literature, for example, ‘Cottagecore’. (see also: Subculture)

2. Can also be used as a synonym for beautiful, for example, ‘that’s aesthetic’.

This Twitter thread is the ultimate visual guide for Gen Z aesthetics.

Gen Z Group Chat

This week, we’re sending snaps to Maia Ervin – our Chief People Officer – for being featured by Yahoo as a Top Gen Z Creative. To celebrate her as a Gen Zer making waves, we sat down to chat with her about her experience as a Queer Black womxn living in America, what Black joy means to her, and what her mission is in creating diverse spaces for Gen Z.

Our favorite thoughtful quote? “Showing up in all of your identity, the good times and the trauma, without judgement is a privilege that often is not awarded to Black folks. We hope the community at JUV feels comfortable enough to hold the space they deserve.”

Screenshot of the Week

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