BoF Insights | In the Age of BeReal, Gen-Z Says It’s Acceptable to Buy Fake Fashion

Gen-Z consumers are getting comfortable with buying luxury dupes, according to BoF’s research and analysis think tank.

A majority of Gen-Z consumers think it’s acceptable for others to buy fake fashion. (Getty Images)

In the age of BeReal when authenticity reigns supreme, Gen-Z has surprisingly few qualms about buying fake goods — especially when others are doing it. In a proprietary study of US Gen-Z consumers aged 13-25 fielded by Juv Consulting, BoF Insights found that a majority think it’s acceptable for others to buy counterfeits. Meanwhile, over a third are personally willing to wear dupes. Estimates of the size of the overall counterfeit and pirated goods market vary, ranging from $1.7 trillion and $4.5 trillion a year, making it the largest criminal enterprise in the world.

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