Bumble x JUV Consulting #InternSzn

Artista Records and Bumble Bizz took over Chelsea Music Hall on Saturday, August 3rd to connect Gen Z youth in NYC. With backing from JUV Consulting, at 8pm millennials we’re celebrating being young and working hard and playing hard all summer. 

The Knockturnal — The concert, the last hoorah of JUV’s #InternSZN summer series, featured two Artistica artists. First up was Audrey (@helloavdrey), a proud Asian American with a unique sound and fashion sense inspired by the mixing of her cultures. Audrey, a former NYU Clive Davis Institute student, see a future for herself in music, fashion, and maybe even acting. For now, the singer is focused on writing and album and making “bomb ass” videos for them all by the top of next year. “I just want to do everything, I just love making things,” Audrey said.

The next performer was JP Saxe (@jpsaxe) who was once a Bumble user. “I never met anyone who wasn’t very lovely,” the artist said before admitting Bumble was never responsible for any of his relationships. Despite being a newly taken man, Saxe performed his heartbreak anthems with raw emotions that usually come from a breakup. These same emotions drove him to watch a TED Talk titled “How to Fix a Broken Heart,” which led to his single “Same Room.” As for advice when it comes to romance, the songwriter says, “Don’t take advice from songwriters their self deprecating and masochistic,” he said half jokingly; admitting as an artist he leans into his pain for his art.

Going on tour to 21 cities with Noah Cohan in September, Saxe is looking forward to connecting to his fans. “Tour is my favorite shit because I get to actually meet people who have a relationship with the music,” he said. 

For more information on the tour visit https://www.jpsaxe.com, be sure to keep up with Audrey on Instagram, and keep finding love in unexpected places using Bumble.

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