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Deja Foxx is Senior Strategist at JUV and a passionate activist and organizer from Tucson, Arizona who truly believes in the power of young people. She began organizing when, as a sophomore in high school, she experienced first hand the ways the current sex education system disadvantaged low income students and students of color-just like her. After 6 months of fighting, Deja and her peers won and since then, her leadership and role in the reproductive justice movement has only grown. 

In 2017, an exchange between her and her then senator, Jeff Flake, regarding his attacks on access to birth control through Title X went viral gaining millions of views on the internet. This propelled Deja to the forefront of the reproductive justice movement, prompting the Washington Post to label her “The New Face of Planned Parenthood”. In addition to the Washington Post, outlets such as CNN, Teen Vogue, NowThis, and many more have taken notice of Deja’s work.

She also has been featured in books such as Cecile Richards’ “Make Trouble” and Emma Gray’s “A Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance.” In each of these instances Deja has been privileged not only to share her own unique experience, but also to amplify the voices and showcase the diversity that make Gen Z a force for revolutionary change in our world.