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Fitness for Gen Z isn’t what you think!

The Screenshot: Week of January 4th

Happy New Year! Our resolutions are looking slightly different this year but there’s one thing we aren’t forgetting – our health. We’re talking about all things fitness! Here’s your TL;DR: Gen Z resolutions; Who’s Bean Dad; Flex; Nicki Minaj’s manifestation; Body positivity, and it’s all about mental fitness for Gen Z.


Trend upwards Gen Z’s crowd-created Ratatouille musical made THIS much money!

Trend upwards  The ‘Robot’ dance is back with a 2021 twist…

Trend upwards  Nicki Minaj manifested this in 2014 and she’s finally got it…

  This Grammy-nominated Gen Z icon got told to ‘shut the f*ck up’!

  The internet was up in arms with the newly anointed ‘Bean Dad’.

  Rihanna says ‘phuck u’ to a fan… why?!

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New Year, New Ztat

It’s clear that a majority of Gen Z still believe in the power of setting goals – we love good manifesting energy! So, what do we want in 2021?

• 56% want to exercise more regularly.

• 49% want to be better at self-care

Mental health vs Physical health

• Fitness is a popular resolution but for Gen Z it isn’t just about big muscles or washboard abs —it’s about wellness too. 72% of us say that managing mental health is our most important wellness concern.

• We’re considering mental wellness in all aspects of our lives; food, sleep, work and even exercise. Brands that show they’re considering this, too, will earn our respect.
A bonus resolution: 
53% of Gen Z want to learn new skills, more than any other gen. With TikTok expected to roll out a Learn tab this year, it’s going to be so much easier!

Our first-ever trend report will be out this month! If you want a look at Memes & Movements: The 20 Trends that Defined 2020 before it’s widely available, let us know on this short form.

Your A to Gen Z


1. The opposite of the ‘humble brag’- you want everyone to know just how slick you are!

2. Rooted in hip hop, Ice Cube and Waka Flocka Flame used it but it wasn’t until Rae Sremmurd popularized it with their hit ‘No Flex Zone’ that it entered our vernacular.

Gen Z Group Chat

Fitness is no longer just exercised in the gym – it’s a whole experience. After all, 85% of gym goers also use home work-outs to keep their momentum. The rise of various fitness platforms means reaching Gen Z with this in mind has never been easier.

• Gen Z have embraced fitness apps, which saw a 46% rise last year alone. It’s no wonder the fitness app market is expected to reach $13bn by 2025!

• Seeing fitness content on social media has sharpened our focus on where we can find the best advice. Whether that’s Chloe Ting on YouTube or FitTok on Gen Z’s favorite app, we know where to get it!

The pull of using tech within fitness also supports a major Gen Z passion: inclusivity.

• Having expert tools to work out at a pace that’s personable gives people with disabilities the flexibility to be healthy.

• Knowing the impact of simple exercises, like walking, that can be tracked through mobile health apps can help avoid the expenses of gym memberships.

Finally, we can’t talk about inclusivity without mentioning body positivity. A positive and healthy relationship with our body isn’t just about hopping on a treadmill, but accepting ourselves, warts and all, is just as valid.

Check Out

A source of inspiration really have been the stories of these eight people who are smashing the stereotypes of what the fitness industry looks like. Read about them here!

Screenshot Of The Week

Lauren Giraldos signature 12-3-30 treadmill work-out has been super popular with Gen Z!

More on Trending…

1. These robots broke it down in this video – is the robot move still accurate?

2. Ratatouille the Musical (AKA Ratatouisical) raised $1m for the Actors Fund in their New Year’s Day showing. Bon Appetit – they’ll be eating good tonight!

3. Nicki wanted a ‘real cute fat baby’ back in 2014, her son’s pics are ADORABLE!

4. Phoebe Bridgers’ neighbour actually said that as she practiced singing in her little apartment. You’re welcome to be my neighbour any day!

5. All the fan did was ask about the overdue album… but Rihanna has confirmed that there’ll be music in 2021, but not before her Caribbean cookbook comes out!

6. John Roderick told his daughter to open a tin of beans or go hungry, and Twitter was in uproar. She aced it in six hours, now, he’s known as ‘Bean Man’.

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