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The Screenshot: Week of November 30

We’re talking Gen Z finance this week, here’s your TL;DR: Gen Z beating Millennials on credit; The biggest fanny pack ever; Grammys nominations fall-out; What’s Stock-Tok; Rihanna’s Black Panther rumors, and how many Gen Zers call themselves ‘investors’?


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Ztat on Gen Z Finance

Living through two recessions at a young age does things to you, and for Gen Z, it‘s shaped our relationship with money. With 66% of Gen Zers credit active and growing, let’s take a look into our wallets.

A bar chart showing Gen Z's feelings about their finances.

Status Update: What’s the condition of our finances? 

• The average Gen Z credit score climbed by 13 points from 641 in 2019 to 654 in 2020.

• At large, Gen Z has better credit than Millennials did at their age.

How are we looking after the cents?

• 68% of Gen Zers use budgeting tools.

• Credit Karma is using data to help Gen Zers feel at rest.

• Step partnered with TikTok superstar Charlie D’Amelio to improve financial education.  

This generation is shaping up to be the most financially literate yet — we have access to tools and resources like no one did before and have been forced to reckon with the realities of recession, whether it’s our families going through hard times, or the inundation of media on the topic.

Your A to Gen Z

What does Gucci mean when Gen Z say it

Gucci / Gen Z lingo /

1. When something is all good. No need to worry, no stress, it’s all Gucci. 

Lingo Bonus: ‘L’ = Loss

Group Chat: Gen Z Finance

“I’m thankful for the young people joining us and buying individual stocks and caring… I am very grateful they have discovered the stock market.” – Jim Cramer

Gen Z is using money to change the world not only through buying, but through investing too. As our income is set to surpass Millennials in a decade, our economic power will determine what the future looks like, and Bank of America analysts are already claiming that we’re going to change investing forever!

A New COVID Hobby: The rise of easy-to-use no-fee trading apps like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade has 35% of Gen Zers now labelling themselves as active investors. #StockTok, the part of TikTok where people talk about investing, has taken off – it’s at 176.6m views and counting.

What does this mean for investing?

• ESG over Establishment: Gen Z’s beliefs and habits were trending in the direction of stocks that have purpose over simple profit. But Gen Z’s trading habits will cement this. 

• Pick up ‘Impact investing’, they’re Investments that seek to tackle global social and environmental challenges to make an impact. Gen Z has the hots for these!

Screenshot Of The Week

Want to learn even more about Gen Z Finance? Well, we’re listening to this podcast hosted by… a TikTok star?

Screenshot of Gen Z Favourite Products

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5. Rihanna is NOT going to be in the next Black Panther, and we’re sad.

6. Tristram Shapeero went viral for his comment about ‘poor’ actors. His defense? It was a sympathetic ‘poor’, not ‘poor’ as in broke. Whatever he said, always check your mic is muted!

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