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Gen Z in the COVID-19 Era

In the past year, Gen Z has seen so many changes: we welcomed new lingo (hello, social distancing!), logged into Zoom University, turned to TikTok dances for recreation, and spent a good chunk of time working from home. Outside of trying whipped coffee, young people tried to make sense of an uncertain world. Here is a list of Gen Z stories amid this generation-defining moment:

Does Gen Z want to work remotely?

"Does Gen Z actually want to work remotely?"

There’s a looming dread about future career options for so many of Gen Z entering the workforce for the first time.  But, as we move forward, one thing is clear—Gen Z wants WFH flexibility and IRL socialization. JUV surveyed The Receipt, our in-house research network, to assess what is the most enticing job structure. 

What is Gen Z buying during COVID-19? 

Gen Z Consumption Habits

Gen Z is forever impacted by the pandemic, and that extends into our shopping habits. We are active online now more than ever, using social media or mobile apps. JUV surveyed The Receipt to find Gen Z feels “bored, anxious and tired” in this moment.  As we shop, we want empathy from brands selling to us. Gen Z is signing up for subscription services for more regular moments of happiness. Most importantly, Gen Z’s purchases show what they care about most; we want to support small businesses, especially Black, Latinx, and Indigenous-owned businesses. 

Being an RA in the Era of COVID-19

Director of People & Inclusion, Gabe Garcia, shares story of being a Resident Assistant at their university during onset of COVID-19 pandemic

As the global pandemic struck Gen Z college students and campuses closed, many young people were forced to move back home. Gen Z’s worlds were turned upside down, with many of us losing our jobs. Gabe Garcia’s personal story as a Resident Assistant at the onset of the pandemic is emblematic of the fear, but enduring hope of this generation. Read our Director of People & Inclusion’s personal experience back on campus during Fall 2020.

Traveling in a Post-COVID World 

Gen Z Travel Industry Statistics in a Post-COVID World, 2021

So many Gen Zers cancelled travelling plans in 2020. But we’re still hopeful, as some young people are making travel plans for 2021. JUV surveyed The Receipt, our in-house research network, to find out Gen Z’s hopes and dreams for traveling in 2021. As for destinations, Gen Z wants to visit Asia and Europe the most. Gen Zers  are conscientious digital natives— we think about cleanliness, social distancing, pollution and land degradation, economic impact of tourism, and cultural appropriation when planning a trip. Brands can look forward to Gen Z’s travel priorities shaping up the tourism industry soon! 

Gen Z Optimism Around Vaccinations

Gen Z is optimistic about vaccinations. We missed human interaction big time, and vaccinations hint towards the return of normalcy to our lives. We are beyond done with the pandemic and cannot wait to be back with our friends, socialize, dine out, travel, and basically do everything the pandemic stole from us. Read these short interviews with people on the JUV team who have received the COVID vaccine! 

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