Gen Z is in Love with These Content Creators

In light of Valentine’s Day, we, at JUV, wanted to share a little bit of our love for these Gen Z micro-influencers we’re absolutely obsessed with. From lifestyle to advocacy to fashion, these influencers create content we adore. Be sure to hit follow on all twelve of these lovely creators!

Lifestyle Content Creators

Austin Maguire

Austin Maguire, an LGBTQ+ comedian and UPenn alumni, posts content through Reels making humorous remarks about the way the LGBTQ+ community and society interact. They support various social justice movements, such as BLM, and also have the occasional casual posts from their life. With about 19K followers, we can’t wait to see where Austin will take their account next!


Shane is another fan-favorite lifestyle micro-influencer on Instagram and TikTok. He has over 3.7 million followers on Tik Tok and 218k on Instagram, and even runs a Discord community. Fresh out of UC Berkeley, Shane spends most of his time traveling, in LA or NYC, and posting comedic slice-of-life reels on his Instagram.

Maia Regman

Maia Regman is a content creator in the marketing industry. (And consultant with JUV!) With over 6K followers on Instagram alone, Maia produces content surrounding mostly her own life, career, and aspirations. She’s also an avid supporter and advocate in various social justice areas and is a board member and CEO.

Advocacy Content Creators

Gabby Frost

Gabby Frost is the Founder and Executive Director of Buddy Project, a nonprofit organization striving to prevent suicide. Her work in the mental health space has made huge strides towards a kinder and safer world, and she has continued this work in her own influencer space, as well. Her account, @gmf.designs, has taken off with over 142K followers, promoting kindness and mental health awareness.

Maya Siegel 

With over 10K followers, Maya Siegel is the founder of Space to Speak, and helps run the social media of Intersectional Environmentalist. Her work on her Instagram surrounds sexual assault survivors and provides helpful content in terms of self-growth and recovery. 

Joshua Turner

Civil rights leader, founder of BREATHE, public speaker, and civil rights activist, Joshua Turner, is a growing microinfluencer in the advocacy and social impact space. With just over 2K followers, Joshua posts crucial content to amplify relating to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Health and Food Content Creators


Digital wellness creator and entrepreneur, Larz, is also the founder of Half The Story, a nonprofit seeking to empower the next generation’s relationship with technology and social media. Larz posts on her professional account about her own life, career, and also focuses on how different aspects of technology affect society. With over 15k followers, Larz is definitely a wellness creator to watch!

August Robinson 

August Robinson is a certified personal fitness trainer who doubles as a micro-influencer. She focuses on health, fitness, and lifestyle through her account, with a following of over 10K people.

Rebekah Ballagh

Rebekah is a mental wellness-centered content creator and micro-influencer. She often posts reels surrounding mental health or little handwritten and hand-drawn graphics relating to mental health awareness and improvement. With over 350K followers, Rebekah is also a counselor, author, and coach.

Fashion Content Creators

Natalia Spotts

Natalia Spotts is a fashion micro-influencer with a following of around 45K people. Her content typically revolves around making high-quality, edited, trendy stills that focus on making her outfits shine.


Fashion designer, Hawwaa, posts her bright-colored, popping outfits to their Instagram with 14.5K followers. As Black, Muslim, and non-binary, Hawwaa often shares how their intersectional experiences affect their work as a growing fashion designer.

Lucy Grasso

Fashion blogger, Lucy Grasso, is from Europe, frequently traveling between the UK, Sydney, and Rome. She loves spreading love and positivity while posting her outfits in beautiful new settings. Lucy has amassed over 235K followers on Instagram and is continuing to grow by the day.

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