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The Screenshot: Week of December 14th

It’s Holiday Season, so here’s your TL;DRHoliday habits; JUV on Tiktok’s top 2020 moments; Dionne Warwick drops fire on young stars; Cyberpunk 2077; Gen Z’s Ratatouille the Musical, and what’s the #WeirdFamily trend all about?


Trend upwards A JUV collab makes TikTok’s Top list!

Trend upwards  Gen Z’s musical take on this Pixar fave is going to Broadway!

Trend upwards  Did you really think the Kardashians were done?

  Dionne Warwick ridiculed these Gen Z icons and they’re thanking her.

  Sharing your weird family traditions is now a thing.

  Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out – wait, what’s Cyberpunk?

Holiday Ztats

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, but it’s truly a holiday season like no other. What’s Gen Z’s take on it all?

Here’s a gift for you:

• Cards are in vogue for Gen Z. You might think we’re leaving print behind for digital, but we still love the thoughtfulness of a card, and love supporting the USPS. 

• We’re shopping at small businesses more than any other generation. 77% of Gen Zers say they’ll support smaller stores and owners.

• We love giving customized presents. 47% of Gen Zers look for presents where they can add a personal touch.

It’s a BIG celebration:

• With Gen Z feeling lonelier than other generations, we’ll be hosting virtual parties for sure. 

• Celebrating holidays in style: More than 40% of Gen Z plan to make this holiday bigger than ever before with grand decorations and exquisite food.

This holiday season will become a story told for years to come – Zoom is going to be as ubiquitous as turkey. Much is changing, but celebrating with family and friends is here to stay.

Your A to Gen Z

Yeet / Gen Z lingo /

1. Officially means to throw something with a lot of force, but really it can be used for so much more than that – it’s versatile!

2. Its origins are found in 2000s Hip Hop culture and most resurrected in these popular Vines.

3. This SNL skit from Saturday shows yeet’s place in the culture.

Gen Z Group Chat

What we’re watching: The Xmas classics are still here, already watched Home Alone three times, and those cheesy Hallmark films that Netflix has been churning out – we’re looking at you, Holidate. I can tell you we’re not watching The Prom, @James Corden, we need a break! And of course, the LGBTQ+ community has had a lot to say about Hulu’s Happiest Season

What we’re listening to: The Gen Z Whisperer Lil Nas X released his hot track Holiday and it just hits different. Taylor Swift’s second 2020 album, Evermore, came out this past week and it’s just what we needed – a continuation of her 8th studio and first surprise album, Folklore.

What we’re doing: In between all that, we’re shipping gifts to loved ones we’re distanced from, recouping after finals through Zoom University and taking a well-deserved break after surviving a year that has felt like a decade.

Screenshot Of The Week

TikTok gave a shout out to the #LightenTheLoad campaign JUV worked on featuring Amelie Zilber and Zahra Hashimee!

More on Trending…

1. The #LightenTheLoad campaign with JanSport was recognized for its mental health impact.

2. Ratatouille was turned into a musical on TikTok, now it’s a full blown Broadway show!

3. The Kardashians have signed a deal with Hulu so we can Keep Up with them again. 

4. The soul legend read Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd.

5. TikTokers are telling us their weird family traditions and stories. How are yours?

6. Cyberpunk 2077, initially announced in 2012, was finally released this week. Now it just keeps lagging, but it’s broken records for sales.

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