Black Creativity: This Week’s Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of February 21st

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Donald Glover collaborating with Obama?

Ok so it’s not President Obama… but the ever-incredible Malia Obama will write for Glover’s new series Hive. Black Gen Z creativity – we love to see it!

WandaVision to Jimmy-vision… What’s the hype about?

Gen Z is obsessed with Marvel’s newest spin-off series, Wandavision! We’re already dreaming of another spin-off starring Jimmy Woo.

⏫ This is what Nielsen is doing to bolster diversity on TV!

Nielsen announced that they’ll be introducing tools to track diversity on TV to encourage inclusive representation in programming – YES !

Gen Z’s take on the divorce of the season…

The rumors of the Kimye split have been swirling for weeks —  its confirmation inundated TikTok with questions asking whether love is even real.

⏬ Twitch dubs Metallica with elevator music, and Alt TikTok has some words!

Metallica performed for BlizzCon on Twitch… but the audio feed was replaced by elevator music due to a DMCA warning. It was kinda funny though – watch here!

The backlash from Sia’s directorial debut continued over the weekend.

Gen Z wants authenticity in their storytelling, especially stories about under-represented communities. Sia’s film, Sing, got so many things wrong about people on the autistic spectrum. The film’s lead, Kate Hudson, said they’re “listening” to feedback.

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