Gen Z’s coping mechanisms for mental health

The Screenshot: Week of May 17th

Hi! This week, we’re talking about Gen Z mental health coping mechanisms. Here’s your TL:DR; WTF is Cheugy; That A24 meme; Gen Z pop princess in the making; Robloxcore; BTS cancel toxic masculinity; The Gen Z Destiny’s Child we missed, and what are Gen Z’s coping mechanisms?


Trend upwards The A24 meme keeping the internet running

Trend upwards  The new Gen Z pop girl racking up the views

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  Stop trying to make ‘Cheugy’ happen

  K-pop band BTS cancel outdated masculinity

  The Gen Z Destiny’s Children we missed out on…

A to Gen Z

Robloxcore / Gen Z lingo / 

1. A new music culture based around the popular game Roblox.

2. A genre of music filled with heavy beats, game-like sound effects, and rap bars that aren’t out of step with modern chart music. (Creativity is truly a coping mechanism!)

3. Take a listen here

Gen Z Group Chat

To Gen Z, being open about our mental health means being the most open-minded generation surrounding mental health treatments.  Coping mechanisms can range from the traditional methods, like therapy and mindfulness, to the unconventional, such as ASMR meditations and following mental health advocates on Instagram.

As one of the most inventive generations, Gen Z is finding mental health coping mechanisms one tap at a time. Are there any new ones you’ll find from our post?


74% of young people want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness… Read more here!

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