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Week of March 15th

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Dove and Axe have truly gone Gen Z!

Unilever announced that it’s dropping the word ‘normal’ from its branding. We’re all individuals, let’s celebrate that instead of being, eww, normal!

Boost your confidence with a

Beat. The hottest TikTok trend is asking for a beat to give your ego a little boost and remember who you are!

⏫ This Gen Z-loved game now valued at $48bn

Roblox, a Gen Z loved gaming platform, IPO’d this past week hitting a valuation of $48bn up from $4bn just over a year ago. Ignore at your peril. Here’s a great primer!

Hollywood losing $10bn a year because of this

Racial inequity. The cost of under-representation is too damn high. If the moral argument doesn’t work then at least the pocket argument is clear.

⏬ When edginess in Twitter marketing goes wrong… 

Often an icon of Twitter humor, Burger King stepped out the line by provocatively tweeting “Women Belong in the Kitchen” to highlight their work on women’s liberation. Gen Z’s reaction was mixed, but mostly thought to be tasteless.

97% of Gen Z women report being sexually harassed

A study by UN Women UK found that 97% of UK based Gen Z women reported being sexually harassed at least once. This comes at the heels of protests over the weekend with women standing up to ‘reclaim their space’. Women’s history is truly being made.

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