Greta Kissel.png

Gretta Kissell is a Senior Partner at JUV. After growing up amidst the corn and quiet of Tiffin, Ohio, Gretta somehow ended up in NYC for college, now studying at Columbia University. As she learns to navigate the concrete jungle, Gretta’s grateful for the passions that keep her grounded: her love for exploring coffee shops, scrolling through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter, and advocating for Generation Z. 

Gretta’s Gen Z identity is central to her pursuits. In particular, she has a strong interest in communication between generations, which inspired her to co-found a Glamour Gals chapter connecting generations through volunteer-work. She is also passionate about assisting underprivileged communities within Gen Z, collaborating with the Ohio Attorney General’s department as a Teen Ambassador in high school to combat crises affecting Ohio adolescents. Since moving to New York, Gretta has continued her passion for aiding youth as an Alma Mater Ambassador for Columbia’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Gretta is excited to channel her passion for her generation as a Senior Partner for JUV, working to foster inter-generational connections and amplify Gen Z’s voice in the world.