Happy Women’s History Month: This Week’s Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of March 1st

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“You Had To Be There”

We’ve all gone trademark Gen Z with reminiscing nostalgia on Twitter. The ‘You Had To Be There’ trend has been paired with early internet culture and our childhood shows. It’s Throwback every day of the week!

Classic toy becomes non-binary icon overnight

Hasbro has dropped the ‘Mr.’ from Potato Head in embracing gender inclusivity. Long overdue!

⏫ This Bad Girls Club TikTok sound tells you drama’s on the way

This sound is producing some funny confrontational TikTok videos, and as a generation immensely familiar with reality TV… we’re living for the drama!

Zendaya corrects Vanity Fair interviewer on terminology.

Zendaya was asked what she likes in a man in an interview with Vanity Fair, and without missing a beat, she autonomously rephrased the question to what she likes in a ‘person’. You tell ‘em, Zendaya!

⏬ Some TikTokers finally figure out why they’re avoided… 

It’s the stare face… we need to stop doing it!

Bye Tinder, Hello Snack.

Snack is a new dating platform that’s mimicking TikTok in their match discovery and having received $3.5m in funding this week, it’s one to watch!

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