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How Gen Z does Black Friday

The Screenshot: Week of November 23

Black Friday is coming so we’re talking about Gen Z’s shopping habits. Here’s your TL;DR: BNPL on the rise; This Throwback Tune on TikTok; Dua Lipa’s new shocking collaboration; Guinness World Records reaching out to a new generation; The Rockefeller Centre Tree meme; What we mean by ‘gassed’; Charli on a new high; Tweets to Fleets; Black Friday Szn and what is Gen Z’s fave products?


⬆️  First it was Fleetwood Mac, and now Gen Z is obsessed with this 70’s tune

⬆️  Dua Lipa is “ballin” with this virtual collab – you’ll never guess who its with

⬆️  $1 million just for posting a video…

⬇️  The latest place you can post Stories? It’s not Snap, Instagram, or Facebook

⬇️  The abysmal Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree became a meme for 2020

⬇️  TikTok star receives backlash on new YouTube series but still breaks follower records

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Your A to Gen Z


Gassed / Gen Z lingo / 


1. Being in a state of a LOT of excitement and happiness over something that’s happened and/or is going to happen. We’ll need to put the laughing gas down.


Black Friday is here, but it feels like it’s been here for weeks. Amazon started releasing their deals earlier this month and others released theirs ahead of the day that’s spawned into a whole szn. With Gen Z already pretty comfortable with online shopping, and an increase in its adoption this year, we’ll be making up a big chunk of shoppers this Black Friday.

So, how can you capture Gen Z’s attention amidst all the noise? Well, companies need to speak our language and reach out to our sensibilities as always, but it’s even more important to show that you understand our culture. One campaign that’s captured our attention is Gymshark’s ‘Big Deal Energy’ campaign. A riff off the Big Dick Energy meme paired with big price cuts on our favourite athleisure styles, the phrase has seen a 100% jump in searches on Google. We’re hopping on it.

Source: The Receipt @ JUV

Group Chat

It’s All About BNPL

BNPL, (“Buy Now Pay Later”), is exploding as Gen Z shops more and more online. European BNPL pioneer, Klarna found that 39% of Gen Z are more likely to spend if their purchases were broken up into interest-free installments.

Paying this way has long been available on retailers like ASOS who partner with Klarna. Now, there’s many more options coming. Klarna is the current market leader in this space partnering with more than 60,000 merchants in the US and counting, but others like Clearpay, Paypal, Afterpay and Minneapolis-based Sezzle are vying to take top spot. Sezzle is partnering with website hosting company Wix to offer BNPL on their eCommerce stores. The race is only just heating up, but one thing is for sure: Buy Now, Pay Later is here to stay.

We’ve Noticed: KlarnaSense
Though their popularity is growing, there has been talk about BNPL companies saddling an unassuming generation with debt, so Klarna has created a platform on their website dedicated to give their users more conscious control over their finances and shopping habits. You can find out your shopping personality’ and even learn about the psychology of shopping – interesting!

Screenshot Of The Week

Each week, we ask you to send us your questions about Gen Z. This week, we chose a question from Carlos of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Carlos asked: “What are Gen Z’s favorite products?” Well to start, we love unconventional quirky accessories –  here’s a screenshot to sum up our answer:

Screenshot of Gen Z Favourite Products

More on Trending…

1. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. So much relatable content.

2. Fifa 21. Yes, you read that right.

3. Snapchat is offering $1m for viral user videos as they look to take on TikTok.

4. Twitter! They released their version called Fleets… we’re not totally sold.

5. Its branches were battered but a baby owl appeared! A meme for How 2020 started vs how it ended?

6. Charli broke records by hitting 100m TikTok followers this weekend despite the controversy.

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