How Gen Z is celebrating graduation

Well, the moment is finally here. For many Gen Zers, congratulations flooded Instagram feeds as the Class of 2021 took to the stage to graduate. As a graduating senior who had the opportunity to attend an in-person masked ceremony, I can confirm that the ending to 12 years of education seemed like a movie that skipped over the climax. And, after a full year of completely remote high school learning, it seemed unbelievable that we even made it.

Despite the obvious disappointment that we weren’t able to go out and celebrate like normal, high school seniors across the US did still attend parties and celebrate with family and friends. With 52 percent of adult Americans fully vaccinated, more leeway was given to meeting up in larger groups this year as opposed to the Class of 2020. Though it wasn’t ideal, at least it was something

Which brands celebrate with Gen Z?

While Gen Z takes pride in its individuality, the generation is known for uplifting the collective. So when brands show up and support communities in times of highs and lows, Gen Z takes notice.

Krispy Kreme Donuts obviously takes the trophy on this one with their freebies. The brand offered 12 free donuts to all graduating 2021 seniors on Thursday, May 13. Other brands that offered graduation deals include Pizza Hut, Jimmy John’s, Amazon Prime, Apple, and more.

Chipotle also offered the chance to win a $25,000 scholarship. And with 73% of college students saying that “they will be graduating with student loan debt”, financial support is one of the strongest forms of assistances for students.

The fun treats and coupons offered by brands are always something Gen Z graduates look forward to. However, the biggest thing Gen Z cares about right now is authenticity. Make sure your brand is being honest to its mission— does it make sense for your brand to support graduating Gen Zers? Or are you just taking advantage of the occasion as an obvious marketing ploy?

Class of 2021 has experienced a lot of turmoil in the past year. With the pandemic affecting our health, familiy and friends, social lives and learning environments, Gen Z seniors deserve this special support. But, what’s next for the Gen Zers?

How Gen Z is Looking Towards the Future of Education

As high school seniors move onto universities, or other avenues, one of the crucial defining moments will be the transition from online to in-person schooling. A year spent online led to constant Googling for answers and minimal studying, but in college, that won’t quite be the case–—especially when we go back in person. 

Though the transition may be rough for some, being in-person will stimulate a more positive learning environment overall. Homes aren’t ideal for learning; students are in their comfort zone, with their laptops and phones easy to use, food easy to binge, Netflix easy to watch, and bed easy to sleep through Zoom. In-person schooling could create a positive impact on Gen Zers in terms of how they study.

Regardless of what happens in the next couple of months, all students should be proud of their accomplishments in the past year. Graduating during a global pandemic was one of the least suspected events that would happen in our lives, and it’s important to acknowledge the hard work and effort that went into finishing off this school year.

How can I celebrate?

Congratulate our CEO and Founder Ziad Ahmed and CMO Shaina Zafar for graduating college!

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