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How Spotify Wrapped engaged Gen Z

As the start of December comes closer, many look forward to the annual tradition of Spotify Wrapped. It’s like receiving a gift before the holiday season really begins. Spotify’s sales boomed with this new feature and consumers became more loyal users of the app. So, how did they do it?

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is a marketing campaign that began in early December of 2016 that went absolutely viral. It introduced its users to data from their music use of the year.

Not only did this feature capture the attention of existing users, but it also brought in an unprecedented amount of new users to the application. In the first week of December 2020, there was an increase in app downloads in the US by 20% and in India by 19%. There were also nearly 1.2M Twitter posts created about Spotify Wrapped, increasing consumer-generated content (CGC) for the company.

How has Gen Z Approached It?

Gen Z loves memes, and Spotify Wrapped spread throughout the internet primarily through memes. The designs utilized in the feature, such as the bars below from their 2019 campaign, are often repurposed for poking fun.

In addition, Gen Z loves supporting diverse content, and Spotify touched this not only through their Wrapped campaign, but also through the playlists that they created throughout the year for Asian, Black, and Latinx creators. 

Some Gen Zers loved the Spotify Wrapped campaign so much that they value it more than other award shows, as this Twitter user states.

Gen Z’s trust is hard to earn, but Spotify Wrapped not only found fun within some difficult times for users but also connected the generation to the music they were listening to deeper. With their personalization, Gen Zers feel a deeper sense of trust and control over what they’re listening to and appreciate the company that supports it.

What Businesses Can Learn?

The hype and consumer energy created by Spotify Wrapped is monumental in the company’s growth. It not only captured the Gen Z consumer segment but also reached people of all ages. Enacting this unique marketing campaign became viral, and increased the company’s trust, values, and ultimately, its sales. 

Engaging Gen Z means personalizing and connecting directly with the generation. They value trust, and social impact. Businesses need to authentically find ways that will benefit their audience while also creating fun boosts on social media that will increase their brand awareness.

What’s Next For Consumers?

Individual Wrapped insights will be available early December on the Spotify app.

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Srilekha Cherukuvada is a 17-year-old Content Creator at JUV Consulting, and a planning-obsessed walrus-loving Netflix junkie. Based in Austin, Texas, she enjoys writing, reading, food, and is a huge coffee addict. Catch up with Srilekha on Instagram, @srileeka, or check out her portfolio at http://simplysrilekha.com.