How to decode Gen Z humor!

The Screenshot: Week of 29th March

Hi, there! We’ve got something to make you laugh… Here’s your TL;DR: The meme economy is exploding; Clapback; White Boy Summer; Hannah Montana Throwback; and how you can nail Gen Z humor! 


Trend upwards Lil Nas X’s new song has us SHOOK!

Trend upwards  Thought TikTok couldn’t get more absurd? We’ve got news.

Trend upwards  15 years since Gen Z’s fave popstar came to our screens…

  Suez Canal crisis losing cash? At least the meme economy is going!

  The viral Shrimp Cinnamon guy is cancelled before his 15 mins is over.

  A White Boy Summer? We’ll pass.

A to Gen Z

Clapback / Gen Z lingo / 

1. A piercing but comedic retort to a comment, usually an insult, that you just weren’t ready for.

Rooted in African American Vernacular English (AAVE)

Gen Z Group Chat

Gen Z humor has been called ‘quirky’, ‘weird’, ‘nonsensical’ and downright ‘strange’, and it truly is. In a world that at its best doesn’t make sense and its worst is just horrendous, we’re finding a laugh in any situation, just take a look at these memes!

The big question: How can brands be more Gen Z with their humor? Burger King’s big IWD comedy flop really demonstrated that there is a fine balance that brands need to watch out for, but worry no more we’ve got the best tips for you to just get what Gen Z’s humor is all about.

Screenshot of the Week

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