How will 2021 ‘work’ for Gen Z?

The Screenshot: Week of January 11th

Here’s your TL;DR: The name on everybody’s lips; Wildest rumor of 2021 so far; CIA rebrand; No❤️; Gen Z’s dream workplace; hottest Gen Z track and how can you bring more Gen Z into your company?


Trend upwards Stacey Abrams. That’s all.

Trend upwards  Newly minted richest man asks Twitter how to give it all away.

Trend upwards  Gen Z star’s break-up track to debut at the top of Billboard!

  This Kanye rumor really got us like WTF?!

  Nicki paying the price of a really expensive Fast Car in this lawsuit.

  The CIA rebrand is serving ‘music festival lineup’ vibes.

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10,000 Boomers are retiring every single day in the US with Gen Z stepping up to take their places. The question: to ask is how can you bring the best Gen Z talent to your company?

• First impressions count: Your socials and website are the first places we’ll see you – they’re the difference between feeling inspiration or indifference. Just show us you just get us, and make it cute because we all know aesthetics are half the journey!

• Communication is key: Make every step as simple as possible, be transparent and even offer tips of what top candidates do to get through to the next stage!

• Fun experience needed: The recruitment process should be seamless and fun. With a plethora of digital tools, why stick to bland and boring? We recently came across a psychometric test that was a simulation game – so refreshing!

• Value over everything: We want to make a difference in the world, so we’re attracted to companies that have values and purpose that authentically match ours.

Not all prospective relationships work out – it’s you, not them – so if you decide not to bring Gen Zer on, what should you do? Give feedback. If you can give us one piece of advice to improve our job applications, we’ll love you forever (even if it is a little one-sided!).

Your A to Gen Z

❤️ / Gen Z Lingo /


1. Truly the universal sign of love, but pair it with a snarky comment and it just raises the bar higher on all that good-humored snark!

2. Adding a red heart to anything is usually sarcastic.

Want to see the definitive guide on Gen Z emoji usage… check this post out!

Gen Z Group Chat

We know the pandemic has dramatically changed Gen Z’s schooling experience, and its legacy will define the workplaces Gen Z inherit. So, how can you get your workplace ready?

Flex that flexibility: The adoption of WFH is the start, we want fluidity in hours and how we connect with colleagues. Flexibility fulfills our need for a good work-life balance – we’re all about the hustle but switching off is essential too.

So, let’s talk about mental health, baby: A generation at ease with talking about mental health, we see workplace empathy as vital. No amount of free mindfulness sessions make up for a culture that’s not conducive to good mental health.

Learn everyday: A job that offers learning opportunities is infinitely better than any lavish perk. It has to be regular – 65% of Gen Z want weekly feedback.

Double down on diversity: More than half of Gen Z wouldn’t even consider working at a company with no diversity in leadership, and we mean all types of diversity – people of color, LGBTQ+, socioeconomic and accessibility diversity. 

Some of these may not come as a surprise, but they truly are non-negotiables for Gen Z.

Screenshot Of The Week

More on Trending…

1. Stacey Abrams and her organization Fair Fight Action really turned out Georgia. Two years after losing her Gubernatorial bid, she hustled and delivered. Icon.

2. Elon Musk became the richest man on the planet. His reaction? How to give it away to worthy causes. But first… let’s fix those labor practices!

3. Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘driving license’ has a big story as it goes on its way to top Billboard.

4. Rumors of Kim divorcing Kanye because he’s seeing Jeffree Star hasn’t even been the wildest news of 2021… but it’s up there!

5. Nicki Minaj wanted to sample a Tracey Chapman song, the song leaked without approval and Chapman successfully sued Nicki for $450k. The Barbz weren’t happy.

6. The CIA had a digital facelift to look more Gen Z… seems like they took our advice above! It was pretty fresh but we’re still divided on it.

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