Happy IWD! This Week’s Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of March 8th

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The brand giving 100% of profits to help women’s mental health.

Stationery brand Papier is selling a self-reflection notebook of which they’ll be giving not just a portion but 100% of profits to Gurls Talk, a mental health community for women.

Trouble remembering pasta cook times? Spotify’s got you covered.

Gen Z has been going wild for Barilla Italia pasta timed playlist… we won’t have to throw our pasta at walls ever again!

⏫ Netflix’s new feature to tackle TikTok?

Netflix is adding a new feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ in a TikTok style format to drive more people to its long-form content. What a bunch of smart cookies!

Gen Z on the Royal Family drama

Meghan became Gen Z’s favorite royal when she married Prince Harry. After that highly anticipated Oprah interview, she finally told her truth about the racism she faced and her mental health. Gen Z sees you, Meghan, and we stan you.

⏬ Millennial vs Gen Z war breaks out after Eminem cancelled

TikTok moved to cancel Eminem for glorifying violence in his song, ‘Love The Way You Lie’. His Millennial fans, including Meghan McCain, came for Gen Z. The culture wars are here!

The Inauguration Poet gets racially profiled…

Less than two months after Amanda Gorman made history, she was tailed as a target of racial profiling by a security guard. In the poet’s own words: “This is the reality of black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat.”

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