Jacob Chang.png

Jacob Chang is the Director of Insights for JUV. On the trends side, he makes sure that the company is constantly on top of everything that is going in and out of favor for Gen Z. Additionally, he curates JUV's public image by talking with media outlets on JUV/Gen Zā€™s tea on the times. Currently a student at the University of Chicago, he is passionate and extremely well-versed in social media and Gen Z trends through constantly being connected. As a result of these habits, Jacob is also a lover of popular culture. 

On campus, Jacob is the founder and president of UChicago's chapter of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, an analyst in The Blue Chips investment club, and a member of the club tennis team. 

Besides school & trend research, Jacob loves playing all kinds of sports, from tennis to basketball to volleyball. Furthermore, he enjoys investing, cooking, and men's fashion. Through his wide scope of experience, Jacob is well in tune with the preferences, demands, and habits of youth and Generation Z.