Rolling Application

Time Commitment: 🤷🏽

Location: Remote

Job Description: Want to join the JUV team and make an impact to empower Gen Zers? Don’t see open roles that may be for you? JUV is always looking for talented individuals to join our team – let *us* make the pieces fit together and find the right place for you. We have needs across all our departments including finance, growth, accounts, marketing, research, brand, operations, and human resources. Whether you’re a creative person who loves to plan your next social media post, an energized person who loves creating and presenting their marketing campaign decks to clients, or a logistical person who loves working with spreadsheets (or all the above), this application will allow you to showcase your true self! We want to know your passions and what drives you!

– Must have strong writing and analytical skills.
– Must be a great written and verbal communicator.
– Someone who is a team player and loves to collaborate.
– Have creative and resourceful problem-solving skills.

– Willing to work with our expansive network of young people and work towards the empowerment of GenZ.
– Highly motivated and excited to join our purpose-driven company!