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Social Media Specialist

Time Commitment: Full-time

Location: New York City, NY or Los Angeles, CA

Job Description: Social Media Specialists are ultimately responsible for the success of the projects they are leading. The consistent responsibilities of the Social Media Specialist will be internal/external calls, checking in with the Managing Partner, creating and following a schedule, leading meetings/strategy work, updating progress on the task tracker, evaluating each consultant, and contributing to JUV’s internal growth. They are largely responsible for quality control of our consultants’ work and follow-through of our services. After the completion of a contract, the Social Media Specialist will be in charge of providing and collecting feedback from the team and client on areas of growth as well as pitching new ideas based on the project as a means of continuing work with the client. We are looking for someone who can’t stop thinking about their favorite campaigns, trends, and accounts. The ideal candidate can’t stop analyzing their favorite influencer’s brand partnership choices. They are the expert in their friend group on the TikTok discourse, and of course now, Twitter beef between those two famous former friends we all love to hate so much. We are looking for a Social Media Specialist who will think outside of the box, who will come into the office raving about their new favorite influencer, who will convince the team to play kickball (if that’s a thing?) during our lunch break, who will bring campaigns to life for our clients, and who will lead with purpose, always. We don’t care about which university you attended if you went to university, or what your GPA is — we care about what makes you excited to wake up in the morning. We are looking for someone who is hardworking, passionate, creative, quick, innovative, and unmistakably unusual. We don’t believe in doing business as usual — and we are always looking for folks to join us who are similarly interested in doing things differently. We care about the heart, and we are excited to get to know a bit more about yours.

– Must have marketing, advertising, and influencer engagement experience (this can be an internship or via your current major), professional social media strategy a plus!
– Must be extremely organized.
– Must have strong professional and client relationship skills.
– Exceptional communication skills.
– The ability to juggle long-term and short-term projects.
– Strong leadership and delegation skills.
– Outstanding time management skills.
– Working with partners to bring campaigns to life.
– Managing a team of remote consultants to work on marketing, messaging, and social media for the client.
– Staying organized on all aspects of the client relationship.
– Decking to finalize strategic plans for the client.
– Working closely with the client on a day-to-day basis to ensure their needs are met.
– Coming up with big/bold/brave ideas — and making them happen.

– Has 1-3 years in social media and/or influencer marketing.
– Phenomenal ability to manage multiple projects efficiently.
– Familiarity with digital assets, event planning, and content management.
– Stellar communication skills — from texting to speaking to e-mailing.
– Standout writing, presentation, and people skills.
– Passion for design (you don’t need to know Photoshop, but we need someone with an eye who can push creativity in the right direction).
– Social media management experience (you don’t need big corporate experience managing social media, but if you managed a school club’s social account — tell us about it!).
– Must have project management experience (did you manage a team in some capacity in your life? that team could be a sports team or a non-profit venture, but we want to hear about it!)
– An obsession with competition, sports, and influencer culture (do you love TikToks of people doing high-jump? then, this job is for you!).
– A need to make the world a better place — we are always looking for people who will fit into our purpose-driven ethos more than anything else.