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TikTok Specialist

Job Description:
Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through TikTok for hours after making fire content for your account? Can you name TikTok influencers faster than calculating? Are you obsessive about growing your brand like a true Gen Zer? We are specifically looking for someone who can answer these questions because they love TikTok, virtual community, and have a creative, open-minded spirit.

We are looking for a TikTok Specialist who will think outside the box, is on top of every trend, and has proficient video editing skills. This role is aimed specifically at folks interested in creating short-form, compelling video content.

We don’t care about which university you attended, if you went to university, or what your GPA is/was — we care about what makes you excited to wake up in the morning. We are looking for someone who is hard-working, creative, passionate, and undoubtedly innovative. We don’t believe in doing business as usual — and we are always looking for folks to join us who are similarly interested in doing things differently. We care about heart, and we are excited to get to know a bit more about yours and what fills it with joy!

The main responsibilities of this role lie in serving as a content creator for TikTok, whether for our internal brand account(s), or as a Consultant-level team member with clients.
– A deep understanding of TikTok as a social media and community-building platform.
– Assisting in the development of TikTok strategy, activations, and content.
– Creating and executing a content calendar with both original ideas and further collaboration with your team.
– The want and ability to ideate + execute on bold and disruptive video content ideas.
– Monitoring and capitalizing on social media metrics in order to improve future content engagement.
– Working with partners to bring campaign ideas to life.
– Staying on top of latest/hottest social media trends.
– Coming up with big/bold/brave ideas — and making them happen.

– Existing presence on TikTok with regularly posted content.
– Phenomenal ability to manage projects efficiently.
– Familiarity with digital assets, social media, and content management.
– Stellar communication skills — from texting to speaking to e-mailing.
– Standout copy/caption writing, presentation, and people skills.
– Passion and eye for design, alongside proficient video editing skills
– Social media management experience (you don’t need big corporate experience managing social media, but if you managed a school club’s social account — tell us about it!).
– An obsession with Gen Z trends/culture.
– A need to make the world a better place — we are always looking for people who will fit into our purpose-driven ethos more than anything else.

+1 if you:
– Know about other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Clubhouse, etc–, and have experience creating/participating in them.
– Have project management experience (did you manage a team in some capacity in your life? that team could be a sports team or a non-profit venture, but we want to hear about it!)
– Lowkey have great engagement (or highkey have a lot of followers).

Location: Remote/NYC

Compensation: $20/hour base rate