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Open Positions

Senior Account Director

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Location: New York City

Job Description: Are you obsessed with visual storytelling, collaborative brainstorming, and purpose-driven marketing? We are looking for a Senior Account Director with exceptional leadership skills who can help empower our work to the next level. If you enjoy managing teams, bringing creative ideas to life, and working with clients to tell stories that matter — this is the position for you. The Senior Account Director at JUV will oversee client projects, help navigate big challenges for the company, and push the whole company to be better. We are really looking for someone who is fluent in digital marketing, client management, managing multiple deliverables, project management, and the agency world who can bring that perspective to our purpose-driven community that is scaling very quickly. 

We don’t really care where you went to school, we care about what makes you excited to wake up in the morning. We are looking for someone who is hardworking, passionate, creative, quick, innovative, and unmistakably unusual. We don’t believe in doing business as usual — and we are always looking for folks to join us who are similarly interested in doing things differently. We care about heart, and we are excited to get to know a bit more about yours. 


– Overseeing a team of project leads to ensure quality deliverables for our clients.
– Working on creative briefs, proposals, and campaigns.
Becoming a trusted advisor to our clients by optimizing our client relationships/communications.
– Helping to improve JUV’s services/offerings to better serve our clients.
– Training our team to be better equipped to deliver exceptional work.
– Navigating any questions that come up that require some agency/marketing fluency to best traverse.
– Working with our internal team as well as our clients on a day-to-day basis to drive our quality of work forward.
– Reviewing client deliverables before they are presenting to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of work.
– Leading projects when needed
– Embodying the ethos of our company as a purpose-driven creative young agency trying to make the world a little bit better.
– Working hand in hand with the Managing Director of Accounts to ensure all projects are running smoothly and that the projects team is happy and productive.
– Serving as a mentor and coach to all client-facing team members in preserving and elevating the client experience.


– Phenomenal ability to manage projects efficiently. 3-5 years of account management experience at an agency with client service experience.
– Served as direct client contact within previous account work.
– Ability to manage projects from start to finish and teach others how to do the same.
– Comfortable, calm, and solution-seeking in times of ambiguity or crisis.
– Familiarity with digital assets, social media, and content management.
– Stellar communication skills — from texting to speaking to e-mailing.
– Standout writing, presentation, and people skills.
– Experience with advertising, marketing, or agencies — specifically working with clients on creative campaigns, managing social media accounts, and/or doing digital/purpose/brand strategy work.
– Passion for design (you don’t need to know Photoshop, but we need someone with an eye who can push creativity in the right direction).
– A need to make the world a better place — we are always looking for people who will fit into our purpose-driven ethos more than anything else.

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Head of Growth & Alliances

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Location: New York City, New York / COVID-19 Remote Options Available

Job Description: We’re looking for a versatile, seasoned leader who has experience in the areas of marketing, advertising, sales, and/or communications. We are hoping this person can help us significantly scale our business through expanding our network in the industry, coaching our team to upskill our abilities, and overseeing a revamped pitch process to help secure new business. We are all about pushing the envelope at JUV, so we are looking for someone who thinks outside the box – and can effectively craft concepts that blow potential clients away. We are also extremely community-oriented at JUV, so we are looking for someone that can really build up our team currently – but also develop key relationships with businesses, press, and other agencies to strategically position us towards our goals. This leader will work closely with our CEO, marketing team, growth team, and accounts teams to help set the vision for the company, to manage/hand off relationships, to spec out scopes, to convert business, to enrich our existing teams, and to build a robust community. This person has an entrepreneurial attitude and experience in business development, marketing, and revenue-generating partnerships, and is a hybrid between an ops manager, a coach, a creative, and a relationships builder. This is a great role for anyone who has already been in this space a while, but is looking for a new, exciting, purpose-driven opportunity to pivot towards. We are looking for someone who will bring energy, expertise, and excellence to our team by building process, new relationships, and long-term thinking to the table. We are hoping this person is excited about disrupting the marketing ecosystem, mentoring an ambitious young team, and perhaps making the world a little bit better by empowering more diverse Gen Zers with a seat at the table.

– Actively build new relationships with potential clients, press, and other partners to grow JUV’s footprint in the industry and drive revenue growth.
– Work along a consistent new business process through the development of pitching, through scoping and negotiating best practices, and through a seamless data-supported sales operation that empowers young team members to succeed.
– Closely think through long-term strategy for JUV with the leadership team to think about how JUV can really win as the future of what an “agency” can look like in the 21st century.
– Coaching our team to be even more successful in their approach to new business, specifically working with them to set strategy, write the narrative, and perfect our process.
– Work with leadership to advance JUV’s reputation in the market amongst competitors, potential clients, and partners.
– Build reporting infrastructure and work with operations to streamline the updates of key information to senior leaders.
– Be accountable for monthly and quarterly new business sales targets.

10+ years of corporate marketing, comms, and/or sales experience.
– Possesses a robust trade network of marketing professionals, within businesses, conferences, publications, and other agencies.
– Track record and demonstrated success in consistently exceeding sales, marketing, and PR goals.
– Strong passion for storytelling, mentorship, and community.
– Strong command of the RFP process, business development pipeline, communications softwares, and project management best practices.
– You have a favorite CMO (and probably, a least favorite).
– You read Forbes, AdWeek, and PRWeek – and probably know some folks at those places too.
– You’re a people person who absolutely loves to build connections, to mentor young people, to identify new opportunities, and to build towards growth!
– You are tired of “business as usual” attitudes in marketing right now.
– You think often about what is wrong with the agency ecosystem, and have a million ideas of how it can be done better.
– You believe in purpose-driven diverse young people to make this world a little bit better – and while you love to teach, you aren’t afraid to learn a few new things in whatever you do next.
– You’re ready for a big change that leaves you feeling a bit more inspired by what you do day in and day out.


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Additional Opportunities

Shoutout Influencer

Location: Remote

Time Commitment: Variable, per project basis

Job Description: We are looking for influencers who are willing to work hard and promote campaigns co-created by JUV. If you’d like to be considered for upcoming JUV promotional projects, please complete the form below to become a member of The Shoutout, our internal JUV influencer network. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to every applicant. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to JUV’s Chief People Officer, Maia Ervin.

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Receipt Member

Location: Remote

Time Commitment: Maximum 30-60 minutes/week

Job Description: The Receipt is a curated community-based ecosystem based all over the world. Join a community of over 7,500+ Gen Zers ready to say what they really think about brands. Share perspectives on trends, test prototypes and participate in potential focus groups, brand ambassadorship opportunities and more! We know that Gen Z has opinions and insights on the world we live in, from product development to brand missions and youth trends. The Receipt is a sounding board for insights and research led by Gen Z voices. It is a place to share opportunities and empower young people to directly tell brands and companies what they want to see changed. You will get to try and test new concepts and ideas through our surveys, engage in raffles for prizes, be featured across our socials and have a centralized place to learn about scholarships, opportunities, job features, and so much more.

Qualifications: Generation Z member (Ages 14-26), able to respond to emails within 48 hours.

Perks: Access to professional development programs (mentorship, academic advising, webinars, etc.), career opportunities for young people (summer programs, internships, jobs, etc.) and some free swag/prizes that companies may offer through our surveys.

Deadline: Rolling applications.

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