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Open Positions

Director of Research

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Location: The Greater New York City Area

Job Description: Are you obsessed with asking hard hitting questions and analyzing the data? Do you enjoy brainstorming with clients about research-based strategy? Do you find yourself reading research studies for fun? JUV is looking for a Director of Research who loves analyzing, data, staying organized, being creative, and working with people. JUV’s research arm is facilitated through The Receipt (because Gen Z always has the receipts ready), a network of 5,000+ Gen Zers, where we disseminate surveys and create insights for our clients. Fundamentally, this role requires someone who has strong data management skills (qual and quant), experience working with consumer insights, a startup mindset, and is ready to reshape strategically direct our research products and services. 


- Research, analyze, interpret, visualize, and present survey data sourced from our network of young people
- Using SPSS/other mechanisms to analyze data
- Strategize on how to expand the Receipt to improve retention rates
- Understand weaknesses, strengths, and places for growth for the Receipt
- Research mechanisms to improve surveys such as A/B testing, conjoint analysis, etc.
- Manage data to fill in the gaps of the Receipt in terms of demographics and recruitment
- Take lead with thought leadership research studies
- Assist management with all data and tech needs
- Touch base with clients to understand their needs/asks for a given survey
- Oversee the creation of insights decks around survey analysis and one pagers with key takeaways from the survey results

Qualifications: The Director of Research must be able to think critically about how we can market and expand the Receipt as a network, to be as representative of Gen Z as possible. We ultimately want someone that is excited to be in the start-up space and loves data, to release, publish, and create insights that highlight the way Gen Z thinks and acts. Experienced and suitable candidates will be considered to additionally lead business development and growth efforts for the department as a whole.

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Marketing Resident

Time Commitment: 30 hours/week

Location: New York, NY

About the Program: Hey Gen Zers! Are you looking for a gig during your gap year? Well you’re in luck! JUV will be launching our first rotational program specifically for high school grads. This program is absolutely ideal for students looking to get a start in the marketing industry. Sound like you? Read on! 

You will have the opportunity to rotate through three departments, Projects, Research, and People, at JUV during your ~nine (9) months at the company. Eligibility requirements are:

- You must be a recent high school graduate. 🎓
- You must be enrolled in an accredited two or four year institution or vocational studies program to begin after the end of this rotational program.
- You must be able to operate at a minimum of 30 hours per week.
- Any previous marketing/advertising experience is a plus!

Job Description: Do you want to learn about marketing from purpose-driven company disrupting the status quo?  Do you have out of this world organizational skills and are obsessed with Gen Z vibes and finding new ways for brands to reach and resonate with our generation? This is the PERFECT job for Gen Zers that love our culture. 🤌🏼 

Projects: During your time with our project team, you’ll be able to assist with both JUV and client-related marketing campaigns and initiatives. These activities will include things like: assisting with campaign ideation, designing *iconic* decks for internal and external projects/meetings, organizing client calls and deliverables, and additional ad hoc tasks as assigned by the Project Operations team. 💅🏼

Research: Our Receipt network is made up of 6000+ Gen Zers from around the world. Amplifying the voices of our generation and bringing the receipts, they help us  gather insights that help our clients make more informed decisions and better empower young people. While operating within our research department you may assist with things like: network growth efforts, gathering research insights into a presentation or other formats, and ensuring all research surveys get completed on time with base respondent numbers achieved. 📊

People: Our People Operations team works to ensure our company culture is an inclusive and supportive one. They oversee all things recruitment, hiring, culture, skills building, and all of our equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging programs (EDI+B). Your time in People Ops may include things like: company event planning, assisting with recruitment efforts, and brainstorming or creating new company policies that ensure everyone feels safe and heard, and have the necessary tools to succeed. 🧩

You Are: A strong #organizer, #brainstormer, #teamplayer, #problemsolver and #communicator -- with your team, any clients, and with JUV leadership. You can manage your work efficiently while communicating effectively (a suuuper important balance to have). You will help run point between the client and the team, assist with planning/leading internal meetings, shape strategy, create timelines, and ensure that the consulting team sticks to those timelines over the course of the project. ✨ 

Required Skills:

- Social media fluency. 📲
- Must be extremely organized.
- Must have strong professional and client relationship skills.
- Exceptional communication skills. 📝
- The ability to juggle long term and short term projects.
- Strong leadership and delegation skills.
- Outstanding time management skills. ⏳
- Possess unique Gen Z knowledge and insights.

Responsibilities: Our Marketing Residents are ultimately responsible for the success of the projects they are supporting. The consistent responsibilities of this role will be scheduling and attending internal/external calls, checking in with project leadership, creating and following a schedule, organizing meetings and assisting with strategy work, updating progress on the tracker, evaluating teams, and contributing to JUV’s growth. Residents are largely responsible for quality control and follow through. After the completion of a contract, the Resident will assist in addressing areas of growth as well as pitching new ideas based on the project as a means of continuing work with the client.

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Social Media Coordinator

Location: New York City, NY

Time Commitment: Full-Time

Job Description: Are you constantly switching between TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter? Are your weekly screentime reports embarrassingly high to share in the group chat? Are you constantly thinking of new creative ways to catch the public eye online? If so, we need you. We’re looking for someone that loves social media (bonus points for being well versed in TikTok), pop culture, and Gen Z culture. JUV is a robust community with lots of stories to tell -- and we are looking for someone with experience in storytelling, story-making, and story shaping to bring us to the next level. We are looking for someone who documents everything relentlessly, obsesses over the perfect copywriting, color codes everything, hates the latest cringey trend, has a deep love of Canva, lives on social media, and has enough video editing skills to create out of this world TikTok/Instagram content (i.e. cropping, combining, and editing video clips). If you can talk about a meme, how the lighting in that movie made you furious, and the latest influencer drama in the same breath -- this job is for you. We want to grow our following by leaning even more into ourselves -- and we need a leader to help us do that. 


- Must be able to clearly and compellingly communicate complex ideas using words and images.
- Must have excellent verbal, written, and communication skills.
- Must have a robust knowledge of all necessary social media platforms, including but not limited to, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn (brownie points if you can help us better understand Twitch).
- Must be able to work/respond quickly and spontaneously to key cultural events/topics (aka, what’s the latest gossip in the group chat)
- Must have knowledge of influencer marketing and management.
- Must be able to create strong social media graphics and content (Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, and more).
- Must have video editing skills.


- Work directly with the Senior Director of Brand to help shape the brand and the aesthetic of our social media accounts.
- Oversee social media strategy for all JUV social media (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, etc.).
- Measure the success of every social media campaign.
- Gather and create content for social media posts.
- Collaborate with the Marketing and Growth team.
- Communicate with industry stakeholders and influencers via social media to create a strong network.

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Additional Opportunities

Receipt Member

Location: Remote

Time Commitment: Maximum 30-60 minutes/week

Job Description: The Receipt is a curated community-based ecosystem based all over the world. Join a community of over 6,400 Gen Zers ready to say what they really think about brands. Share perspectives on trends, test prototypes and participate in potential focus groups, brand ambassadorship opportunities and more! We know that Gen Z has opinions and insights on the world we live in, from product development to brand missions and youth trends. The Receipt is a sounding board for insights and research led by Gen Z voices. It is a place to share opportunities and empower young people to directly tell brands and companies what they want to see changed. You will get to try and test new concepts and ideas through our surveys, engage in raffles for prizes, be featured across our socials and have a centralized place to learn about scholarships, opportunities, job features, and so much more.

Qualifications: Generation Z member (Ages 14-24), able to respond to emails within 48 hours

Perks: Access to professional development programs (mentorship, academic advising, webinars, etc.), career opportunities for young people (summer programs, internships, jobs, etc.) and some free swag/prizes that companies may offer through our surveys.

Deadline: Rolling applications

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Shoutout Influencer

We are looking for influencers who are willing to work hard and promote campaigns co-created by JUV. If you'd like to be considered for upcoming JUV promotional projects, please complete the form below to become a member of The Shoutout, our internal JUV influencer network. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to every applicant. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to JUV Chief People Officer, Maia Ervin (maia@juvconsulting.com).

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