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The Screenshot: Week of October 26

Here’s your TL;DR: JUV’s new website; Snap stock booming; Karen Cam; Ice Cube and 50 Cent Photoshopped by Eric Trump; Bye Quibi; Don’t @ Me; Gaming x Politics – it’s going off; Our pre-election BTS event; Gen Z pandemic shopping and what are Gen Z thinking about WFH forever?


Hi there! The Brand team at JUV has a special announcement…we got a brand-new website! Not only did our design get an uplift, but we’ve also launched a new Screenshot Blog featuring fresh Gen Z insights and all of the past Screenshot issues. Special thanks to Madwell, a full service creative agency and our web developer partner, who truly made the magic happen behind-the-scenes. You can check them out at madwell.com, or contact them at info@madwell.com if you’d like to work with them. 

Our Behind The Screenshot event series is back tomorrow evening, Oct 28th 6-8pm. Yes, already!

There’s only a week left until the election and voting is underway – did you see Zendaya’s cute voting video?! We’ve teamed up with Plus 1 Vote, COMMUNITYx, and Freedom March NYC for our Gen Z Debates event. Don’t miss this engaging and insightful conversation between prominent young political thinkers from across the political spectrum.

Want to see what one of our events is like? We’ve put together the Top 5 highlights from our BTS: TikTalks event just for you. Check it out here


1) Getting out the vote has taken a new form with this tactic…

2) The stock of Gen Z’s favorite app is catapulting so high we’ll need to Snap it!

3) Adele shows of H.E.R. comedy chops on SNL, but we didn’t get this announcement…

4) RIP Quibi. There goes another app to the tech graveyard.

5) Rudely complaining to the store manager? Be careful, you don’t want to get caught by this TikTok account.

6) Ice Cube and 50 Cent wearing Trump hats? No, it’s just manipulated media.

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Your A to Gen Z

Don’t @ Me / Gen Z lingo /


1. An order that you shouldn’t respond to what’s just been said… like it’s not up for debate. At all. Not even a word. Like ‘peach iced tea is the best drink to ever exist, don’t @ me.’

2. The term is rooted in social media culture where @ is a way of mentioning someone directly. It’s the conversation ender to all conversation enders.


Over the years stores have been doing everything to stay afloat as eCommerce has seen a rise, but the pandemic has truly been a death knell, especially with Gen Z. Many have avoided shopping where online would satisfy their needs. As more social media platforms are launching in-app purchasing options to make shopping online ever more seamless, and 50% of respondents said their social media use was even higher than before the pandemic, the ease and convenience has been just irresistible.

Hidden amongst this talk about retail are subscription services20% of Gen Z respondents have signed up for more subscription services since the COVID-19 outbreak, and they’re hurting physical retail just as much as eCommerce. Spotify killed the record store, on-demand film waved away Blockbuster and beauty boxes are taking on make-up retail. They may currently be underrated, but don’t discount them. Wondering how else Gen Z’s consumption habits have changed? We’ve got a quick low-down waiting for you. 

The Receipt @ JUV is our very own Gen Z research community made up of 3000+ Gen Zers from around the world. This survey was conducted from September 30 through October 5 and is based on 339 respondents, aged 14 to 24. Average age of respondent was 18 years old.

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Gen Z Remote Work

Gen Z is flooding into the workplace. We already make up 36% of the US working population, and it’s only set to grow even further. And as a generation that’s ready to reinvent the world, the time we’re entering is nothing less than rousing. Workplaces have been revolutionized by WFH, the long creeping trend has finally gone mainstream. But JUV has been doing this for a hot minute – I write this email from the UK every week. As remote working is built into our global culture, we have some words about it…

The Receipt @ JUV found that Gen Z definitely wants fewer days in the office, but notably, did not want to work from home full-time. We may be digital natives, but we’re not robots (yet!). We saw that a whopping 70% preferred a work-setting different from their home space – this can be working from a co-working space, cafe or even the office, but we’re feeling more productive outside of our spaces meant for unwinding. So, what do we really like about remote working the most? Can you guess… find out here

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Answers to Trending

1) Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and AOC streamed themselves playing Among Us. 439k people were watching live (…the current top record is 628k). No wonder youth voting is up.

2) Snapchat stock jumped 35% last week after their Q3 revenue reported $679m earnings. The app reaches over 90% of the US Gen Z population – now that’s a vote of confidence!

3) We anticipated a new album announcement, but no luck at all… it’s still not ready!

4) A few weeks ago, we reported that Quibi was on its knees with executives looking to shore up its position. It’s been ditched just as it struggled to capture the attention of Gen Z.

5) @public_karens is showing up all the bad-mannered Karens out there. Truly a public service.

6) The President’s son, Eric Trump, tweeted out a picture of the two rappers wearing Trump caps. Twitter said it was Fake News by slapping a manipulated media label on it. He removed it just as quickly.

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