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Kiyomi “Yomi” Calloway is a Senior Partner at JUV and a student at New York University studying in the Tisch School of the Arts. Born in Los Angeles but raised by Bay Area parents, Yomi is a California girl through and through. Although she can talk for endless hours about the newest cheap-eats restaurant she found or the latest clothing hack she made, her commitment is to the empowerment of underserved voices in music, entertainment, and politics. 

Typifying her selection into the NYU’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar Program, Yomi’s service has ranged from assisting with grassroots efforts for political campaigns to organizing national protests and call-in’s/write-in’s for young people. Whether representing NYU at the Global Leadership Summit in South Africa or spearheading a college application workshop for NYC public high school students, her interdisciplinary passions are centered on merging social impact with the arts. 

If she’s not arguing over the growth of the hip hop genre or discussing her fascination with diaspora subcultures, Yomi is definitely eating food from a local food joint and binge-watching The View. A past athlete, she loves talking about soccer and horseback riding. But the true way to get Yomi talking for hours would be to discuss everything and anything related to the global landscape, as her own multiethnic background has shaped her to become fervently curious about others’ customs.