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Our Team

We were founded by three 16-year-olds in 2016 who found themselves in rooms with politicians, leaders, and “youth experts” who were constantly talking about how to engage Generation Z without actually talking to us. Now, we’re a team of about 100 creative strategists, thinkers and doers. Who would’ve thought? (Not us!)


Our management team handles the day-to-day operations to keep JUV running as smoothly as possible — well, as smoothly as you can imagine a startup founded by Gen Z.


Made up of dynamic young people from various departments, our For You People offer support to our Core leadership cohort, assisting with both internal and client projects, and working on perfectly curated teams to make magic happen.


From influencer marketing to pitches, our team of project managers and strategists decode the most mystifying aspects of our generation every day.


Our consultancy team processes data, insights, and general Gen Z knowledge and develops a cohesive strategy catered to your needs. We have our methods, but like TikTok’s algorithm, it’s a mystery for others to crack.


The Advisory Council is composed of industry professionals from the corporate, creative, political, and social impact spheres positioned to mentor JUV on our future endeavors. You can call it adult supervision, but that would crush our youthful spirit!

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