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Apply to join “The Receipt”, a vibrant community of young people who get the opportunity to share their voice and insights with the world. As a member, you gain early access to professional resources, jobs, and a chance to win some great prizes.

The Receipt

What happens when you bring 8,000+ engaged young people into a community together? We’ve got sh*t to say.

The Receipt was built to fulfill JUV’s commitment to bringing Gen Z to the table. The community is made up of diverse young people ranging from 14 to 26 around the world.

Opportunities & Community

We show our community a lot of love. Every week, members receive an email with job opportunities and a Weekly Ztat for a chance to win prizes on a consistent basis. Speaking of prizes, we gave out $10,000+ to Receipt members in 2022, ranging from iPads to concert tickets.

We also offer a Discord channel where The Receipt can directly engage with members of JUV’s team, get career advice, and attend regular events.

Your Voice in Action

We offer opportunities to give feedback in the form of surveys, focus groups, interviews, and more. We’re endlessly curious about all of Gen Z’s hot takes, and some of these insights fuel campaigns for Fortune 500 brands you love.

Join The Receipt!

Job Description: The Receipt (formerly The Vine) is a vibrant community of young people making our voices heard collectively! Do you have thoughts on the next campaign a brand should release? Thoughts on the latest trends and influencers? Want to be featured on JUV socials? As a member of The Receipt, you get to do all this and engage with our clients to give your opinions and perspectives on trends, be a part of potential focus groups, participate in brand ambassadorship opportunities, and have access to professional/academic opportunities.

Qualifications: Generation Z member (Ages 14-26), able to respond to emails within 48 hours.

Location: Remote

Perks: Examples include professional development programs (mentorship, academic advising, webinars, etc.), opportunities for young people (summer programs, internships, jobs, etc.), and the chance to get free swag/prizes that companies may offer through our surveys (AirPods, concert tickets, etc.) 

Time Commitment: Maximum 30 minutes/week

Timeline: The Receipt operates through a rolling admissions process, so you can apply anytime, and you should hear back within 2 weeks of your application.

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How often will I hear from JUV?

We send 2 emails per week to The Receipt, with occasional promotions for individual opportunities in between these newsletters.

Is my data safe?

We never share names or personal identifiers of members of our community, and the majority of our research is done 100% anonymously. If it’s not anonymous, we’ll always get your consent to share anything. Period.

Do I need any experience to join?

No experience required! We are here to bring Gen Z to the table for brands while providing professional development to those just starting off their career. Don’t forget to add The Receipt to your resume!

Does JUV ever hire from within The Receipt?

Definitely! We send out all JUV job opportunities to our network and prioritize sharing jobs, scholarships, and internships relevant to our members that can help you build experience outside of The Receipt.