Gen Z insights, TikTok Ban, 👁️👄👁️ , + more stats you’ll want to screenshot

The Screenshot: Week of August 10

TL:DR; note from Ziad/Jawwad, what’s happening with TikTok, 👁👄👁, Gen Z actually doesn’t want new platforms, why is everyone taking a gap year, and oh yeah, follow Ryan.

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Super pleased to welcome you to the Screenshot! I’m Jawwad, a complete digital native with Gen Z culture running through my veins. I speak in memes, reference lines from iconic videos, and sometimes feel like an emoji myself. From the UK, I’ve just finished my 3-year course studying Psychology & Business. I’ve worked for non-profit organizations, providing and empowering youth perspectives, and am currently on the Member Board of BPS where I consult on youth membership. Outside of that, I’m learning to play the ukulele and enjoy eating anything with coconut in it.

My job (and promise to you) here is to make sure you’re never the last one to know about Gen Z culture. If you ever have any questions, you can drop me a line here.

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Jawwad Mustafa (Director of the Screenshot @ JUV Consulting)


1) Fave 90’s show makes a comeback with Gen Z on TikTok (what show?)

2) TikTok’s biggest rival hits No.1 on App store, poaches TikTok star with 20m+ followers to lead (what’s the app?)

3) Gen Z (w/ Millennials) rise to critical mass, now a population majority taking on world issues (guess the %). 

4) Do you 🤙or 🤚when you gesture a phone? Your way is probably in decline (really!)

5) Influencers face backlash after partying at famous LA house, Gen Z followers not happy (who’s house?)

6) Stretch filter killing people’s confidence as Gen Z get their parents on camera (been tricked yet?)

Your A to Gen Z

👁👄👁 /gen z lingo/
1. Having exploded in popularity recently, the combination of these three emojis expresses speechlessness. It’s like ‘awkward’ because our response is WTF.
2. Also, interpreted as ‘It is what it is’, it has taken a new meaning as President Trump used the phrase in response to COVID mortality rates when quoted to him last week. You bet many Gen Zers were feeling 👁👄👁


80% of Gen Z respondents to our social media survey don’t believe new platforms are necessary. (The Vine at JUV Consulting)**

Gen Z aren’t interested in new platforms or apps, unless it has the goods that add to their social lives. A new platform that replicates what’s already available is a surefire way to get ignored. This is promising for Instagram’s Reels. Although many Gen Z believe that Reels is essentially a TikTok copycat, the precarious position TikTok is in makes it ripe for Reels to win over many Gen Zers. As many creators push their audiences to follow them on Instagram in light of a potential ban, Reels could do away with the need to keep a separate video app altogether.

**Based on 1707 responses of Gen Zers aged 14 to 24.

Group Chat

TL:DR; Gen Z is adapting to our new reality — with gap years?

Gen Z is a generation raised on the mantra that the sky’s the limit with the world at our fingertips. We are self-starters, creating our own organizations and building our own infrastructure to change the world. We’re doing things differently. This doesn’t stop at our education.

Gap years have been blowing up over the past few years as many Gen Zers pursue more professional experience before they graduate. This fall, many students have expressed their reluctance to go back to a half-hearted year at college for the price of a fully packaged one, and instead going full steam ahead with a gap year. This includes 20 percent of Harvard’s incoming freshmen.

But gap year during lockdown – is that really wise? A gap year allows for space to re-evaluate futures and encourages personal growth. Lockdown has provided a much needed ‘pause’, and many intend to continue with taking advantage of it. Beyond that, professional opportunities are definitely not down; many companies and internship providers are creating virtual opportunities, and if anything, they’ve become more accessible in the absence of geographical limitations. We don’t think the Gap Year movement will be slowing down any time soon.

Check Out

Ryan Pascal

Talking about gap years, our very own JUV Senior Partner, Ryan Pascal, is taking the leap to a gap year! Ryan is documenting her journey on our TikTok page, and you can follow her on her Twitter and Instagram to see what she’s getting in to.

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