Gen Z entrepreneurship & “getting the bag”

The Screenshot: Week of October 19

We’re focusing on Gen Z entrepreneurship this week. Here’s your TL;DR: A Bieber collab like no other, Billie Eilish’s response to body shamers, Gen Z’s bounce back from the unemployment crisis, the BBMA’s new award category, make-up tutorials as birthday tributes, a mention of Ben & Jerry’s, and how Gen Z really means business!

Trending this Week

1) Justin Bieber is making what cool again?

2) Gen Z celebrated this honorary Zoomer’s birthday by recording make-up videos as a tribute.

3) The Billboard Music Awards have a brand-new award category, and it’s so Gen Z!

4) These law students are giving up their classes after Amy Coney Barrett said this…

5) A Twitter user body-shamed Billie Eilish (…but her response was the real tea!)

6) People aren’t happy as Kourtney Kardashian promotes Kanye West’s presidential campaign on IG.

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Your A to Gen Z

Bag / Gen Z lingo / 


1. We’re talking dollar bills when we say this; it’s like a short version of ‘Money Bags’. Like, “You’re starting your own Etsy store? Love that for you…get that bag!

2. Alternatively, if someone is in their bag, it means they’ve got tunnel vision on themselves and in a state of hyper-focus. We’d say… “Midterms are coming up, I’m in my bag rn”

3. Or it can also mean they’re pretty down in the dumps, those feels really got to them. Midterms really be doing that.


Gen Z is the consummate entrepreneurial generation. We rank much higher than other generations for our ambition to start our own businesses, and you don’t have to scroll far down on TikTok to see Gen Z business owners sharing their hot tips and inspiration.

There has truly never been an easier time to start a business, and Gen Z knows this. Finding suppliers? No problem. Marketing the business? Hello… we’re social natives. Delivering the best customer experience? We got it. The skyrocketing stock of platforms like Etsy and Fiverr shows that Gen Z is setting up the new small businesses on the internet’s Main Street.

Not only that, we’ve come of age in a time where freelancers are slowly becoming a sizable chunk of the working population. Being a freelancer is basically a one-person business so it’s no wonder that statistics show that Gen Z makes up the biggest proportion of freelancers – we’re prime hustlers. With Gen Zers being the worst affected by the COVID unemployment crisis, we’re going to push to come out of this mess in our own way, and that may well be by building the next small business where you’ll be our customer.

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How Gen Z Means Business

So, we’ve talked about how Gen Z want to start their own business, but what do we really want from business? There’s no doubt that Gen Z is one of the most progressive generations yet. Backing many policies that point us to a future that is thoughtful, caring and nurturing, it’s clear that there is a purposeful streak that runs through Gen Z. I mean, what else can you expect from a generation that’s seen two hard-hitting recessions, currently living through mass social change and feel the burden of a worrying future all before starting their adult lives?

What we want to see are purpose-driven businesses that are mindful of the impact of their activities, and actively seek to do good in the insecure and increasingly-concerning world that we live in. JUV’s research into sustainability found that 98% of Gen Z consumers surveyed thought that it was a company’s own responsibility to make their products sustainable. When the Black Lives Matter movement saw a resurgence, businesses across the global finally started talking about racial justice. That’s amazing, but action is what will make change happen, and that’s what Gen Z treasures. A generation fine-tuned to authenticity through our social media experiences, we smell PR waffle a mile away. 

So, who’s doing it well? Ben & Jerry’s has been in this social justice game for a while, and their messages have been robust, thoughtful and welcomed. When we build our businesses, we’ll be sure to be guided by our unapologetic desire to provide amazing experiences and do good.

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Gen Z TikTalks Highlights

Didn’t make it to our Behind The Screenshot event last week? Well, lucky for you, we’ve put together highlights of the event with tips on how to be outspokenly Gen Z, advice on dealing with criticism and an *exclusive* tutorial on how to do the 🐿️💨 from the TikToker that made it go viral! Watch it here.

Influencers Amelie Zilber, Sienne Mae Gomez, Hawwaa Ibrahim on JUV’s Behind the Screenshot.

Ziad was published in Vice this week, and we just HAD to share…

Answers to Trending

1) Crocs. Yes, the shoe brand is trying to shed its much-ridiculed image by bringing the Biebs onboard. After their collab with Bad Bunny, the NYT claimed ‘Crocs Won 2020’. Now, we’re truly saying this year is really warping the world.

2) It was Congresswoman AOC’s birthday last week, and TikTokers were really in a celebratory mood, so they recorded make-up tutorials to a sound clip of this iconic AOC speech.

3) BBMAs introduced the new ‘Change Maker Award’. The first recipient? Killer Mike for “dedication to equality, social justice and financial literacy in the Black community.”

4) Amy Coney Barrett could not apply the law to ‘a hypothetical set of facts’ when asked about voter intimidation laws. Law students were SHOOK.

5) Billie responded “y’all gotta start normalizing real bodies, OK? Guts are normal–they’re normal…” We’d be happy with a ‘mid-30’s wine mom body’ if we were as iconic as Billie tbh.

6) Kanye’s long-shot campaign for the U.S presidency has been criticized as a waste of votes especially as he falsely claimed a poll showed him ahead in Kentucky and is only on the ballot in 11 states. Kourtney’s post didn’t go down well…

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