It’s the Biden-Kamala ticket for me…

The Screenshot: Week of August 17

TL;DR: Joe Biden collaborating with star rapper, Gen Z on Kamala, hacked TikTok accounts, fashion vs. climate debate, ‘it’s the __ for me’, and petition alert!

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Jawwad Mustafa
(Director of The Screenshot at JUV Consulting)


1) Joe Biden collaborating with this female rapper on topics important to today’s youth

2) Content houses are a TikTok staple creating influence ecosystems, now this app’s jumping in

3) American Idol creator teams up with TikTok to create the world’s next…

4) Fortnite’s Gen Z creator taking more than one FAANG company to court, what’d they do?

5) Creators of throwback kids show disappoint fans with departure from its Netflix remake

6) Many TikTok’ers getting hacked, including this beloved influencer with 56m followers

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Your A to Gen Z

“It’s the _____ for me” • /Gen Z lingo/


1. Used when pointing out a particular quality about someone, mainly to roast them.
2. Currently trending on TikTok; pairs of friends and family are playfully teasing each other using this line – find a trait, pop it in the gap, and see the other person’s response – maybe have a ping-pong roast?
3. More versatile uses include giving compliments or pointing out funny parts in videos. It’s the stand-out bits for me.

 Clapback, drag


60% of Gen Z and Millennials in swing states said it was important Biden pick a Black woman to be his running mate (Higher Heights for America)**

Well it’s official… Biden is running with Kamala Harris. Do we think Biden-Kamala should win in November? Kamala would certainly make a number of enticing firsts: first female VP, first African-American VP, and first South Asian VP. She would be the most powerful female elected official in the country. So what does the most diverse generation think of her? Truth is there’s a hesitancy to fully embrace Harris as she has a problematic background with her law enforcement credentials and shaky position on the Medicare For All, once supporting then rowing back on it. However, her support for progressive policies, like the Green New Deal, does hearten some of Gen Z. Many will accept the Biden-Harris ticket as a step in the right direction, but will keep an eye on their record.

**Based on 802 responses of voters 18 and over not supporting Trump in battleground states.

Group Chat

TL;DR: Gen Z struggle… sustainable fashion vs individual expression?

If there are two fundamental values that define Gen Z as a generation, it’s our penchant for iconoclastic advocacy and radical individuality. We’re not holding firm in the hope that the world will eventually be changed by people in power, instead pushing and protesting until we can have the fair, sustainable and equitable world we should’ve inherited. But sometimes the conflict between the structural and personal can cause dilemmas.

One conflict is our climate advocacy and fast fashion consumption. Fast fashion is problematic; we know it.  Many forgo it altogether, often buying pre-owned clothes from fashion reselling apps like Depop. But for others it’s just not as easy. Sustainable clothing lines are often very basic and limited in size options, not to mention having a cost way beyond the reach of a generation just starting their careers on salaries still below levels prior to the last financial crisis. It also reduces space for individual expression. Advocate Maia Ervin sums it by saying that fast fashion is often a “top choice for affordable and size fashion.”

We continue to deal with these conflicting choices, but we will still fight for big structural change. We believe in the power of the collective — that changes in laws and corporate priorities will improve the situation while shifting slowly to better choices. When we have a sustainable and cost-friendly alternative to fast fashion, you know we’ll be the first to jump on it.

Check Out

Stand Earth

Stand Earth is an advocacy group that’s currently demanding that fashion companies use the COVID disruption as a means to rethink their processes and embark on a green recovery while it restarts its engines of production. They’ve created a petition to demand fashion companies honor their climate commitments: sign it here.

Answers to Trending

1) Cardi B Joe Biden is sitting down with Cardi B to chat about free college tuition and fight for racial justice

2) Triller
Famous TikTok mansion Sway House is making jump to Triller

3) Supergroup
Simon Fuller is working with TikTok to create music’s newest supergroup

4) Apple & Google
Fortnite creator is taking Apple to court over its 30% share of in-app purchases

5) Avatar: The Last Airbender
Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have left Netflix’s remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender

6) Addison Rae
Addison Rae’s account was hacked this week, but quickly restored

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