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The Screenshot: Week of August 31

TL;DR: Tributes to Chadwick Boseman, Back To School (Pandemic Edition), Freedom March NYC, Gen Z on Markey vs Kennedy, Burger King blocked, TikTok Wild West Saga continues, simping, and you in a music video?


1) In a shock move, this company has upended all the rival bids for TikTok – who is it?

2) A famous poster is recruiting dancers on TikTok for her new music video – how to be in it?

3) Selena Gomez and K-pop superband Blackpink released their song ‘Ice Cream’ – how many views already?

4) A beloved luxury brand, famous for its reasonably prices bags, are now being marked up at insane rates – what happened?

5) Gamers are really not happy with this fast food chain as they exploited a Twitch feature – what did they do?

6) These popular TikTokers have been charged for hosting parties during lockdown – what’s their reaction?

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Your A to Gen Z

Simp • /Gen Z lingo/


1. Liking someone or something waaaaay beyond words.

2. In a dating context, it means when a person does the most for the person they have a crush on, often  unrequited. Sometimes bordering on Cringe™!

3. The word has been criticized for feeding into ideas of toxic masculinity, particularly when used in a heteronormative context of a guy who treats a girl with respect and is called a “simp” for it. (Because treating people with respect is something to be made fun of?)


As we head into the final stretch of the 2020 election season, we’re bringing you the generational battle that evades whatever you think common sense is. Today’s the day of the MA primary where millennial Joe Kennedy III is challenging incumbent septuagenarian (the upgraded term for “boomer”) Ed Markey for the Senate seat. After trailing Kennedy most of the year, Markey has finally scored a polling lead. How did he do it? By making Gen Z his most enthusiastic bloc. 

Ed Markey has brought Gen Z onboard and sharpened his comms — I mean, check out this viral video and this Marvel inspired one, too. Now, he has stan accounts made by outside supporters. “Stanning,” a word originating from “stalking fan,” shows how far Gen Z is going to support Markey’s bid: he’s not just a regular politician; he’s a cool politician. Markey holds the admiration of Gen Z having fought for environmental, healthcare ,and civil rights legislation throughout his career. Meanwhile, Kennedy has been criticized for running on the allure of his name without having defining or stand-out policy proposals. Reality is that Gen Z wants politicians to be authentic in their pursuit of office, even if it means supporting candidates that are more than triple our age.

Group Chat

TL;DR: Back to School (Pandemic Edition)

Welcome to fall! I know what you’re thinking— it’s that time of year already? I know; we’re surprised too. So, it’s fall, September, and (you know it)… back to school season! Usually, back to school preparations aren’t all that tricky: we get our stationery supplies, required textbooks and maybe some new threads. But this year, everything has been turned on its head. Remote schooling means that we’ve had to add headphones, hand sanitizers and cool Zoom backgrounds to that list, too. 

How has it been adjusting? To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. For many, it’s been an anxiety-inducing time as nobody is sure about what’s happening with scant information from colleges. Yes, public signage is everywhere, calling for social distancing and reminders to wear your mask. Social lives are also on pause, with college parties cancelled and limited live classes at certain universities. With so much talk about health, one area hasn’t been largely addressed: students’ mental health.

For their back to school campaign, Jansport collaborated with JUV Consulting to proudly launch the #LightenTheLoad campaign. The campaign is encouraging us to share our worries with others and is even hooking us up with live sessions with therapists to discuss our biggest worries and feelings around mental health.

To all of those returning back to classes (or parents of stressed-out students), we wish you all the best of luck!

Check Out

Nialah Edari and Chelsea Miller

Earlier this year, these two powerhouses set up Freedom March NYC, an organization set up to push and support a new generation of civil right leaders to focus on non-violent protest and policy reform. They blasted past their fundraising ambitions back in June, were featured in Vogue’s Global Hope issue and showed their firebrand activism at the March on Washington last Friday. We’re also super proud to share that they are one of our amazing pro-bono clients, fighting for change, letting nothing get in their way. Go give Freedom March some love on their Instagram. If you’d like to support Freedom March further, get in touch with us; we’d love to make an intro!

This week, we collectively mourn a giant, a king and a true icon. Rest In Power, Chadwick Boseman.

Answers to Trending

1) Triller. After scooping its biggest star to be their CSO, now it’s pouncing on the TikTok train.

2) Dua Lipa is releasing the video for “Levitating” soon and she wants TikTokers to be her dancers.

3) 146M views in 5 days. Welcome to the growing popularity of K-pop.

4) Bots keep buying out Telfar’s uber popular bags, clearing out every restock. The Black/queer-owned company, famous for its tagline “Not for You—for Everyone” announced a new Bag Security program in response to ensure all customers could get their hands on a bag.

5) Burger King used Twitch’s donation feature to send streamers the cost of a meal in return for a text recording to be played during their game. Some streamers have blocked Burger King.

6) Gen Zers have been disappointed at Bryce Hall and co’s parties as the country has been in lockdown, so their consequences have been welcomed.

One More Thing…

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We feel really grateful to still be growing during these times and to do so with purpose wherever possible!

We’re currently looking for a full-time hire to join our Sales team. Are you passionate about building new relationships and pursuing new opportunities? Do you enjoy working closely with clients to deliver impactful communication and creative strategies? We’re looking for someone who will develop bold and necessary steps to ensure our services and impact are reaching new levels. To view the full job description and/or apply, please visit here.

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