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Our Services

From giving bland social media some much-needed flavor to helping you strategize a campaign that crushes, our team (and our Gen Z network of thousands) are here for consultations every little step of the way.

JUV staff with an illustraiton of a lightbulb


Quantitative Surveys with The Receipt

Ask our community network of over 3,000 Gen Zers what they really think about your brand. (Expect them to pull up the receipts.)

Field Research

Let us talk to Gen Zers like friends, not research subjects; you may be surprised by what we have to say.

Research Analysis

Engage with the most comprehensive Gen Z research reports with our seamless blend of primary insights, secondary research and relevant trends—from memes to movements.

Qualitative Interviews

Say goodbye to phony consumer personas and hello to real Gen Zers.

Consulting & Marketing

Brand Positioning

Spice up your brand strategy with our hot takes as Gen Z members.

Social Media Audits

Fix your ratio with our social media strategy. We’ll teach you what a “good ratio” is while we’re at it.

Retainer Services

Say “I do” and commit to a long-term contract with us—no ring required. (Gen Z might be scared of commitment, but at JUV, we’re all about it.)

Campaign Strategy

Launch campaigns you once only dreamed of, made by young people for young people.

Implementation Services

Campaign Execution

Connect with The Carousel, our community 
of Gen Z creators that make the impossible, possible.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with The Shoutout, our network of content creators that we love to retweet, like, share and obsess over.

Presentations /Workshops

Host us at your next marketing conference or training entrepreneurial event. Ziad Ahmed, our CEO (and fast-speaking extraordinaire) 
can basically give our Gen Z Crash Course 
in his sleep.

Experiential Marketing

Curate Instagramable events, campus activations, and summits.

Hit us up.