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That’s All For 2020

The Screenshot: Week of December 21st

Here’s our 20th edition to close 2020 – this is your TL;DR: Reflections from Ziad; The Ztats that have defined 2020; Exclusive sneak peek at our Trend Report; Manifesting; The game that’s captured Gen Z’s thumbs, and what is Gen Z saying about 2021?

Note from CEO

I could have never imagined being a 21-year-old CEO amidst a pandemic, a recession, an uprising against systemic injustice, and a convoluted election — but that is what 2020 has been for me. 

I know I’m not alone though. This was a year that challenged us all, that taught us more than perhaps any of us knew was possible, and that provoked us all to ask hard questions. 

As I look back at 2020, I’m proud of how we as a community have come together at JUV to respond to this year with conversation, compassion, and action. We gave out $26,000 in microgrants to young people affected by COVID-19, we announced our pro-bono consulting efforts, made our values clear, launched purpose-driven campaigns with phenomenal clients, and we got recognized by the likes of Refinery29 for our efforts

JUV has grown tremendously in the last year in terms of our team, our impact, and our confidence, and we couldn’t have done it without you — without the vibrant community of folks who push us forward. 

We’re just getting started though. We know that it is our duty to continue to spend our privilege to lean into our mission of empowering young people wherever/however possible. We hope that, however, you are spending this week that we all take a moment to champion intergenerational dialogue to learn from each other as we plot our next steps. 

As I look to 2021, I hope to center not how far we’ve come — but instead how much further we have to go. I hope you’ll continue to join us along the journey. 

With Love, 

Ziad Ahmed


2020 was the year that Gen Z really blew up. This year has shaken up our lives, and we’re being seen (in the best way possible!).

Gen Z’s impact in 4 numbers

• This year, we found out that Gen Z and Millennials are the majority in the US – Gen Z alone made up 103M of the US population.

• TikTok, with more than 60% of users being Gen Z, has captured everyone’s attention. From music to memes, we’re driving culture.

• Our activism and votes were decisive in the election – youth turnout was up by 10%.

• Gen Z will be economic powerhouses by 2030, accounting for more than 25% of global income.

There’s your 2020 Gen Z cheat sheet on how we’re becoming a demographic that just can’t be ignored – save it, remember it, screenshot it. Gen Z has arrived.


Trend upwards Manifesting The Future: Things have been so uncertain in 2020, so how is Gen Z coping? We’re checking our Co–Star, scrolling through WitchTok and pulling out the tarot cards to know what’s around the corner. We’re even breaking out the crystals and spiritually manifesting that 2021 treats us well. 

? The game that Gen Z has got lawmakers hooked on… What’s it called?

You’ll have to wait to find out in our first-ever trend report that’s out in January! If you want an exclusive look at Memes & Movements: The 20 Trends that Defined 2020 before it’s widely available, fill out this short form.

Gen Z Group Chat

What we’re watching: The Xmas classics are still here – we’ve already watched Home Alone three times, and those cheesy Hallmark films that Netflix has been churning out. We’re looking at you, Holidate. I can tell you we’re not watching The Prom, @James Corden, we need a break! And of course, the LGBTQ+ community has had a lot to say about Hulu’s Happiest Season

What we’re listening to: The Gen Z Whisperer Lil Nas X released his hot track Holiday and it hits different. Taylor Swift’s second 2020 album, Evermore, came out this past week and it’s just what we needed.

As with any New Year, we’re looking forward to new beginnings. 2021 will close the chapter on a year of angst, sadness and many unfulfilled stories. It’s been a solemn year, but the full story is not without hope. 

Here’s Gen Z in their own words about what they’re looking forward to next year.

Mateo Portell, 19: “I wish that we would all cool down with the political polarization. Peace and unity are too important to cast away.”

Bridget Scanlon, 22: “I hope we can find a way as a society to heal. Make up for the moments and people we lost in 2020. Oh, and more TikTok.”

Ayo Soleye, 20: “In work done on all social issues this year, we need to see that work turn into meaningful systemic change. My fear would be that instead that fades… and I hope to again enjoy the fine pleasures of seeing live music with friends (safely!)”

For Gen Z, we’ve lost a year in one of the most exciting periods of our lives, so we’re hoping to be able to experience life once again. We’re cautiously optimistic that we can get back to that soon, and with vaccines on the horizon, we’re hopeful.

What we’re doing: We’re shipping gifts to loved ones we’re distanced from. We’re recouping after finals through Zoom University. We’re taking a well-deserved break after surviving a year that has felt like a decade.

With that, from us at JUV, have the ✨best✨ start to the new year. We’ll be back in 2021!

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