The Clues To Gen Z Compatability

The Screenshot: Week of February 8th

Hi there! Valentine’s Day is coming up and we’re in love with our new look! Here’s your TL;DR: The buzz around this hot social app; The Weeknd’s memes; The Greta Thunberg Effect, and what does it take to get Gen Z to commit to anything?


Trend upwards The Weeknd-inspired meme cashing in on the Super Bowl…

Trend upwards  There’s a real BUZZ around this Gen Z created social app

Trend upwards  The ‘Greta Thunberg Effect’ is an actual phenomenon!

  A recently-viral video from 2013 predicted influencer culture

  I May Destroy… award shows. This is the biggest snub of all time.

  Gen Z finding the dangers of this viral trend hiding in the shadows.

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Gen Z Group Chat

Gen Z is notorious for our commitment-averse nature. (We don’t date, we just see people.) But when it feels right, we do take the BIG steps, and we’re quite pragmatic about it! So, how do we know when to take the plunge?

Clues to compatibility:

Star signs: If you hear a Gen Zer saying ‘Oh so you’re a ♋️ ? Hmm…’, it’s a quick-fire judgement, and it’s probably not lasting long without divine intervention!

Personality tests: Tests like Myers-Briggs and Love Languages have been around for years – even Millennial dinosaurs (!) are accustomed to them – but Gen Zers are really bringing them into the dating sphere to tell whether a relationship will thrive.

Common interests: Not uniquely Gen Z but what we’re bonding over is… meme references, TikTok personalities, passion projects and the funniest podcasts.

The Screenshot Takeaway:

With ever-more options out there, Gen Z faces a constant dilemma of committing, whether in dating or anything else. Before we buy into anything, we want to know if it’s matching our needs. So, we do our due diligence – finding our Love Language totally counts – we commit, and we’re pretty loyal once we do.


of Gen Z reported an increase in their dating app use while only 7% decreased through 2020.

Gen Z dating was #5 on our Trend Report… feed your curiosity here!

More on Trending…

1. The Weeknd’s appearance at the Super Bowl launched a thousand memes on TikTokTwitter and Instagram!

2. Gen Z launched Hive, a social app described as a mix between Instagram and MySpace, to the top of the App Store. Their Twitter feed is fashionably Gen Z.

3. A recently published study found that adults familiar with Gen Zer Greta Thunberg felt empowered in tackling climate change as part of a collective struggle.

4. A 2013 YouTube video titled ‘I’m very sorry and I apologize’ gained 3 million views this month. Apparently this is what influencers totally want to say in apology videos!

5. Gen Z wasn’t happy that I May Destroy You was snubbed despite its impactful storylines around sexual assault and consent. Michaela Coel wrote, produced and even starred in it… don’t award shows recognize immense talent anymore?

6. TikTok’s Silhouette Challengeoriginating from a video by Chloe Bailey, has people celebrating body positivity with filtered videos showing their curves. A hack has found people removing the filters… not cool.

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