The Hottest Gen Z Trends This Week: TikTok, Lifestyle, Pop Culture

Welcome to Trend University, your quick crash course on Gen Z trends, taught by Professor Sophia Delrosario, Insights Strategist. So far, we’ve clowned on Gabbie Hanna, dissected spring fashion trends, and blindly chopped off our ponytails. (Missed last week’s lecture? Catch up!)

Here’s this week’s lecture about the latest TikTok videos, memes, and lifestyle trends!



This new app blowing up is kind of like reverse-social media – this time, other people are posting to YOUR account. You upload embarrassing and never-before-seen pics of your friends like you’re their “paparazzi”, and I’m honestly living for it (that is, until I get exposed…) 

Speech to Text Lady is now… Nicki Minaj?

Due to a recent lawsuit against TikTok, the iconic voice for the app’s speech to text feature has changed to someone who honestly, sounds like a car saleswoman. A new trend emerged, with users modulating the voices of celebrities like Nicki and Kanye to pretend it changed to them. 

Backyardigans for Best Pop Vocal Artist!

Between smash hits such as ‘Castaways’ and ‘Into the Thick of It’, the songs from the childhood show Backyardigans have been majorly trending. They better not get robbed of a Grammy nom next year 🙄

Adrian’s Kickback

 A viral video posted by adrian.lopez517 on TikTok, told everyone to BYOE, or bring your own everything, to a party on Huntington Beach. It got millions of views, and users made jokes about flying out to Cali to attend. During the night of the party, police declared it unlawful assembly and dispersed the chaotic crowd. 

Meme Culture


New lingo amongst teens, just dropped! Naur is another word for ‘no’, and it’s also used as sarcastic text messages or a reaction phrase. It originated from Bang Chan of Stray Kids and Australian accents, and you don’t understand, I’m OBSESSED. Example: “NAUR but like I swore I would get this done today!”

“Alright, this is it, people! Let’s move!”

A popular clip has been used on Twitter and Instagram as a meme, with common captions referring to songs, TV shows/movies, or any current events that JUST got released, encouraging people to go check it out. “Everybody moved” and “nobody moved” are also similar phrases. 


BTS, Butter, and McDonald’s

The seven-member Korean group had a huge week, with their music video for the new single “Butter” beating the record for most views in 24 hours (again)! They also have a new collab with McDonald’s— the BTS Meal launched, complete with Korean-inspired nugget sauces. (I tried it. The cajun dip was fantastic.)

SOUR takes over the world

It’s the way the Olivia Rodrigo topic is probably like 60% of your trend uni average… the Gen Z singer released her debut album over the weekend, dominating charts and putting out the BEST merch I’ve ever seen (including purple Sour Patch Kids!!) I’m gonna be honest – SOUR is a no-skip album. Brutal hits too hard.

Ariana Grande got one of her 7 rings!

The pop princess shared photos of her wedding with Dalton Gomez on Instagram, a week after rumors surfaced that they finally tied the knot. Her look was EVERYTHING, complete with her iconic high ponytail and a gorgeous dress. 


Tinsel Hair!

A hairstyle trend that’s perfect for late-night summer parties, teens are placing strands of gold and silver tinsel in their hair for a glittery effect. I honestly love this idea.


I didn’t think i’d love it as much as i did. I felt like an early 20’s pop star #fyp #foryou #tinselhair

♬ original sound – Agnes Solaru

Two is better than one!

A super hot trend within the hairstyle niche that’s been blowing up this year is splitting your hair into double, whether that’s two pigtails, two braids, two half-up tiny ponytails, double space buns, and  more!


Prom is right around the corner, and high school juniors and seniors are showing off their long dresses, suits, and hairstyles on TikTok with transitions from bummy to glam. (My junior prom got canceled, so I’m experiencing major FOMO rn.)

Current Events 

2021 Eurovision – Italy takes the crown

The Eurovision Song Contest, a competition where countries submit one original song, took place in the Netherlands this year. The Italian rock band Maneskin took home the prize over the weekend. (Okay, I know I’m supposed to be all-knowing with trends, but I still have zero clue what Eurovision is. ZERO…) 

Pride Month is in a week!

As May draws a close, June is just around the corner, and so we’re celebrating Pride and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community! Though, while many brands make efforts to honor LGBTQ+ people, online users notice how companies will capitalize off Pride and sell tacky rainbow themed clothing. 

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