The Rise of Gen Z Freelancers

Gen Z freelancers are masters of technology. From social media to online media, to even the behind-the-scenes coding, many Gen Zers have built their own paradise—a workplace that is flexible, moveable, and entirely their own under their control.

Why Work from Home?

There’s actually quite a split in whether working from home is a good idea or not. Though Gen Zers have enjoyed the flexibility of online work, they also want balance in the workplace. Productivity has also been shown to decrease with work from home, according to JUV’s Receipt survey.

On the flip side, some Gen Zers also claim that they would like fewer days in the office. Finding the balance between these two leads us to freelance—the happy medium. Work when they want, where they want, and for how much they want. But, with all of this flexibility, finding the perfect work-life balance is crucial.

Gen Z Freelancers and Work-Life Balance

Though working from home gave Gen Zers full control over their schedules, it also brought some drawbacks. Work-life balance became messy as work spilled over into life and life into work. With unclear boundaries, work schedules changed from 9-5 to hours on end because they don’t know when to stop. 

In fact, 80% of respondents in a JUV survey conducted in May 2021 said they think about work frequently or almost all of the time in their time off. Burnout became more common, and mental health became an issue. 

Unfortunately, freelancing is the same. To make it work, Gen Zers have to be extra good at managing their time efficiently and prioritizing the best they can. 

While there are the tough spots in managing being a freelancer as a Gen Zer, there are the perks, too.

The $$$

According to TechRepublic, 46% of Gen Z workers are freelancers, and they’re getting smart about their money. In fact, 35% of Gen Zers are now labeling themselves as active investors. Freelancing is a great way for Gen Zers to roll in the dough; through the hustle, they’re able to pay off college or make some extra cash along the way. 

The Bottom Line

Gen Z freelancers are on the rise; with flexible schedules and new knowledge about money management, they’re ready to gain back control from this pandemic, and get to work!

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