The Rise of Short-Form Gen Z Podcasts

Older generations associate Generation Z with their strong presence on social media. While we are well-versed in Instagram infographics and Twitter threads, this generation is shifting to a new form of media: podcasts.

Half of Gen Zers use 10 hours of screen time per day, according to a study by MediaKix. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing people to stay in their homes and avoid in-person interaction as much as possible, we’d bet that number has risen. But as we jump from TikTok to Instagram Reels, we soon realize a lot of the content we consume is recycled. With Gen Z being as content-obsessed as ever, the audio frontier has never looked so bright.


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According to Edison Research, Millennials and young Gen Xers currently make up the vast majority of the podcast consumer demographic, but don’t count Gen Z out— we’re not only entering the space but disrupting it. Popular influencers such as the D’Amelio sisters, Bryce Hall, as well as Addison Rae and her mother, Sheri Nicole, have recently launched their own podcasts accommodating to a variety of niches. Though all of these creators post similar TikTok content, their podcasts have helped to further differentiate them from the “TikToker” label.

Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio’s podcast, 2Chix, is full of typical bantering between sisters as well as insight into their year of craziness going from high school students living in Connecticut to some of today’s biggest social media stars. 

On Addison Rae and Sheri Nicole’s podcast, Mama Knows Best, the two reflect on their personal experiences and life lessons in hopes of assisting their supporters in their own journeys.

Both podcasts take an interesting approach when it comes to appealing to Gen Z every episode is under 25 minutes, even though the average podcast length is slightly over 43 minutes, according to Pacific Content. With an 8-second attention span and recently becoming accustomed to 15 to 60-second video content, it’s tough to keep Gen Z around for long. 

But perhaps the most interesting and biggest curveball of them all is Bryce Hall’s podcast, Capital University. 21-year-old Bryce Hall is best-known on social media for his shock-factor content over the years. Though often labeled as problematic (and rightfully so), he has a following of more than 15 million on TikTok.

Co-hosted by well-known entrepreneur and investor Anthony Pompliano, Capital University has the intentions of helping content creators get wealthy and stay wealthy through investment strategies, creating generational wealth, and the challenges that come along the way.

Hall is transparent about the fact that he’s not exactly one to take financial advice from, but that he’s a large creator learning how to capitalize on current opportunities and create long-lasting wealth. To assist both himself and listeners in the process, he’s had well-known guests such as Mark Cuban, Kevin Harrington, and a handful of others on to speak about their financial success and how others can create it for themselves.

As Gen Z continues to crave new content, influencers continue to diversify their content. And with the exponential interest in podcasts, we anticipate this is just the beginning.

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Julia Terpak is an Account Director at JUV Consulting. She often finds herself creating Gen Z-focused content or falling deep down into YouTube rabbit holes. Connect with her on LinkedIn!