⬆ As TikTok is ascending to become *the* social media platform for all things content & inspiration, former champion Instagram is feeling the heat. In its attempts to adapt it has taken on a lot of TikTok’s features, including the introduction of Reels and prioritisation of video. They recently changed users’ home feed to look more like TikTok, but after backlash from creators and celebs – including from the first family of the internet aka the Kardashian-Jenners – they’ve rowed back. Unionising does really help!

⬆ Shawn Mendes has cancelled his tour due to his mental health. Fans have been broadly supportive of him. It must’ve been a tough decision, and we need more men coming forward and talking about their well-being. Wishing Shawn the best.

⬆ Beyonce is back, baby! With her new album dropping this week, the pop icon is expected to storm to the top of the Billboard charts. It’s already her most acclaimed album to date according to Metacritic alongside breaking records. And this is only Act 1..

⬇ Off the back of viral news that Kylie Jenner used her private jet for a trip that she could’ve easily taken by car, analysis by Yard – a UK based environmental marketing agency – showed the top 10 private jet colluding celebrities. Taylor Swift topped the list and the memes have been keeping the internet on this week tbh. See the full list of celebs here.

⬇ Roblox has gotten rid of its iconic ‘oof’ sound due to licensing issues. Mashable describes it as “is the sound a character makes when they die in the game or resets — but it’s moved beyond the sound of a small exclamation to evolve into a beloved rallying cry for the Roblox community.” We’re going to miss it too.

⬇ YouTube supremo PewDiePie faced backlash this week for mocking a deaf woman. The video creator published a video reacting to TikToks, in this he included a video of a deaf woman using sign language and mocked her nails as if she was doing it for fun. Once brought up, he passed it off as a mistake and didn’t apologize. Not good enough.

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